[2019 MSI] TL Doublelift on His Semifinals Victory: "Trust between the players was the most important"

On the 17th, at the 2019 MSI Semifinals, Team Liquid defeated the biggest tournament favorite, Invictus Gaming, with a score of 3-1 to qualify for the 2019 MSI Finals. TL utilized unique picks and tactics to counter IG's aggressive playstyle throughout the series. 

The following is the press interview with Team Liquid after their Semifinals match.

(To Cain) You've qualified for the MSI Finals! How do you feel?

Cain: We're a great team made of great players. I'm very happy with the results.

How did you prepare for today's match?

Cain: IG is a team that really likes to team fight. Therefore, we banned IG players' comfort picks and took champions who excel in team fights for ourselves. I think that's how we were able to win.

(To CoreJJ) A lot of people are saying that you were the MVP of the series.

CoreJJ: Everyone performed well. I believe that we're the best team - as long as we play as planned. Everything worked out as we practiced today. It's a good day.

(To Impact) Against TheShy, you struggled during the laning phase. However, during team fights, you were much more effective than him. 

Impact: Before the match, I was planning to do well on my own... the laning phase was a bit regretful. I'm glad that I had a positive influence on my team later on. 

(To Doublelift) After 9 years of playing, you've finally reached the Finals of an international event. 

Doublelift: Trust between the players was the most important. The Vayne pick didn't get good results during practice, but my teammates gave me their trust - that's how we got to play her. We often play off-meta champions, and we are able to do that because we have trust in each other.

Who do you want to face in the Finals?

Doublelift: I want to face Faker, but at the same time, I also want to face G2 Esports because they have a similar playstyle to IG. It's hard to guess who we'll meet at the Finals.

(To Xmithie) Ning is a very aggressive and proactive jungler. However, you took all the attention today.

Xmithie: I had a comfortable time playing the jungle matchup because we often had the upper hand in terms of drafts. It wasn't too hard capitalizing on the enemy's mistakes.

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