[2019 MSI] Greatest Upset in LoL Esports History: Team Liquid Takes Down the World Champions to Advance to the MSI Finals

Team Liquid makes the greatest upset in LoL esports history.

Taking place in Taipei Taiwan, on the 17th, Team Liquid clashed against Invictus Gaming in the 2019 MSI Semifinals. With a very tactical 'picks & bans' and a much-improved performance from the TL lineup, TL defeated IG with a score of 3-1 and secured their ticket to compete in the 2019 MSI Finals. 

The first set of the match was a close one. In the early game, TL countered IG's aggression with their own well-controlled aggression, safely pushing the game into the mid-to-late game. Then, in the later stages of the match, IG rushed down the Baron when TL wasn't prepared for it. With the newly found Baron buff, IG looked to have taken an immense lead - only until Impact's Neeko landed her root on 3 members of IG to secure a massive tempo lead for TL, that is. Having bought enough time to scale, TL began taking full advantage of their Sivir pick; and with another solid team fight from the side of  NA, TL pushed down IG's Nexus for the victory. 

The victor of the second set was also TL. From the very beginning of the game, IG made a number of critical mistakes that cost them the game. Although it's true that Team Liquid performed exceptionally well in all the team fights, IG's frequent mistake of overextending with their Ryze ultimate was what really caught people's attention. In the late game, TL simply overpowered IG with their superior team fighting composition. 

IG didn't go down without a fight, however. On the third set, Rookie picked LeBlanc to pressure Jensen in the mid lane. After securing the mid lane advantage, Ning was free to target TL's bot lane. IG then extended their lead in the mid and bot lane to push down TL's Nexus without much trouble.

In the fourth set, TL pulled out a secret weapon to put an end to the series. Their weapon was Skarner and Lux, and the result was a big success. By taking full advantage of the Lux-Skarner synergy, TL took the lead from as early as level 6 and kept their lead until the very end. The first semifinals of the 2019 MSI ended up becoming a huge upset. 

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