SKT Faker: “Although the result didn’t matter, I feel good stopping IG’s winning streak.”

▲ Image Source: LCK Korea

On the 14th, in the last match of the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage, SK Telecom T1 dominated Invictus Gaming. The result of the match didn’t matter for the two teams, but both teams fought their best until the end. Right after the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was interviewed.

First, Faker expressed how he felt by saying, “Although the result didn’t matter, I feel good stopping IG’s winning streak”. When asked if there was pressure because of SKT’s recent struggles, he answered, “We didn’t know about how the reactions [in communities] were, so there wasn’t much pressure,” and added that they thought they had what it takes to win so it was alright.

In the match, Faker picked Ryze and boasted his prowess. Faker said, “I would have been confident in playing any champion; Ryze wasn't the reason that I thought we would win,” and smiled. Although the early laning was difficult, he picked evading skillshots as the main reason that he was able to scale so well. “Luck was on our side in many ways. When they dove mid, Clid’s cover was a bit late, but it turned out alright,” he said.

Faker didn’t forget to thank the fans. “I’m thankful to all the fans that cheered for us. We ended the group stage in 2nd place, but we’ll show better performance in the semifinals and the finals.”

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