[KR Reactions] SKT vs iG: "As always, Ryze knows how to control Faker properly."

The Death Match between Faker and Rookie!
└ If they lose today, they'll be criticized until they win Worlds!


???: Only this time, Korea. 

???: We did our share. Win!

Are they bringing up bad memories by flashing Pyke on the pick window? LOL
└ PTSD meta LMAO

So Duke isn't playing?
└ Former SKT members are here and there. There's Impact too.

Xin Zhao, the original Chinese champion... It's over...
└ Where's the original Korean champion, Ahri? Why don't they buff her?
└ What about Masked Shac... NVM...

Wow, IG picked serious picks! They don't know what it means to enjoyyy
└ IG! I thought you were gonna just enjoy playing the game!
└ This is a real serious match lol

This is making me nervous lol It's awesome from the beginning!
└ Look at Faker smacking Rookie from the start!
└ He's like 'I can't lose to you twerp' LMAO
└ Aaand Khan is getting thumped again.

Look at that mid difference... What to do...
└ Honestly, even if SKT loses, if they win mid, they can win mentally.
└ Don't you know 'hungry Ryze'?

Uh-oh... The gap is widening...
└ But last time, they gave up an inhibitor around this time... They've improved so much...
└ It's past 16 minutes now!


Look at those trades by Ryze!! IT'S AMAZING!!!
└ As always, Ryze knows how to control Faker properly.
└ Rookie would be happy even while being hit that hard... They've secured first place, and he's a huge fan of Faker himself. He'll be proud of himself for not killing Faker.

└ Why are the players so inconsistent... in one game?!
└ Let's give half of the prize money to Clid!


*Heart pounding*


Hey Ning! Ning? Are you there?
└ Woof!


This is INSANE! It’s over!!

What matters is whether that person likes or dislikes SKT, they wanted SKT to win this one...
└ True dat... T_T


???: Should we date in a library next time again?
???: Sure.


???: Very gooood.


Group stage SKT.gif
└ If you run it backwards, it’s Ning.

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