SKT Khan: "Among the top laners, Impact gave me the hardest time playing against."

On Day 4 of the 2019 MSI Group Stage, SKT T1 defeated the Flash Wolves and Phong Vu Buffalo and had secured their ticket for the 2019 MSI Knockout Stage. SKT is now 5-3 and they will play their remaining two group stage matches against Team Liquid and Invictus Gaming on the 14th. 

The following is an interview with SKT's top laner, Khan.

How do you feel about your victories today?

Before today's matches, our head coach told us that "the worst case scenario for us would be going 3-1 for the 4 matches that we have remaining." We'll need to perform well tomorrow.

Has kkOma been giving you guys harsh feedback?

We were debating whether or not the issues that we currently have are easily fixable. For the top lane, there were no issues that I couldn't fix. With that in mind, I was able to perform better today. 

Which top laner do you feel gave you the hardest time playing against?

Impact gave me the hardest time. He's the only one that's been running Gangplank this tournament... that's not a pick that you see every day.

The games we played against Invictus Gaming ended too quickly for me to form an opinion about TheShy. I'll be playing against him tomorrow. I really want to face him again.

We had spoken with G2 Wunder, and he said that "TL and SKT's defensive playstyle bring better results when playing against weaker teams. But currently, they're struggling against G2 and IG because they aren't used to the playstyle that G2 and IG bring."

Wunder can say that because of the current results. However, opinions change with each passing game. You can never be certain that there's only one solution. If the games tomorrow bring about different results, what Wunder said will be proven false. 

Were you surprised when G2 picked top lane Pyke to counter your Jayce?

I wasn't surprised. I think any champion could be picked and played this MSI.

You guys didn't have a good start this tournament. Being the prideful person that you are, did the bad results frustrate you?

My pride takes a hit only when I get solo-killed.

We lost some matches. We'll analyze those matches to find what our issues are, make feedback through it, then show better performance the next time we play. I'm thinking that the situation will change when we start playing in a BO5 format. 

How's your stay in Vietnam?

It's currently very hot and humid here. I didn't bring the right clothes for this weather... I should've brought more short-sleeved shirts.

The food is great here. However, I don't like cilantro, so I've been removing them from my meals. I also really like the fact that there is a Korea town nearby. 

Do you have a personal goal this MSI?

My team's goal is to win the whole thing, and my personal goal is to contribute at least 25% to that victory. 

Any last words for your fans?

I'm really giving it my best to reach our goal of winning the tournament. I bet there's no one that's working hard than me! If earnestness directly translates to victory, I'd win the whole thing! I'm really working hard, so please cheer for me.

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