[MSI Interview] SKT Faker: "We won't lose easily in a BO5 match"

During Day 4 of the 2019 MSI Group Stage, SKT T1 defeated the Flash Wolves and Phong Vu Buffalo and had secured their ticket for the 2019 MSI Knockout Stage. SKT is now 5-3 and they will play their remaining two group stage matches against Team Liquid and Invictus Gaming on the 14th. 

The following is an interview with SKT T1 Faker.

**The following interview was conducted in conjunction with Korizon.net and Laodong.vn

How do you feel about your victories today?

We've now locked in our spot in the knockouts. I'm relieved. However, I'm still not satisfied with how we've been performing, so it'll be important to win both games tomorrow. 

SKT seems to be experimenting with different picks and compositions. 

Our picks & bans aren't necessarily focused around either the early or the late game. Today, our team showed two different types of compositions and playstyles. We'll continue to look for and play comps that are optimal for different situations. 

On SKT, who has the bigger influence during picks & bans? The coach or the players?

The players have more influence.

Every member on the team, including the coach, gives their own opinion during drafts. 

You'll soon play in the 2019 MSI Knockout Stage. It'll be played in the BO5 format. 

We won't lose easily in a BO5. All the players on SKT have outstanding individual performance, and that's why I believe that it's unlikely that we'll lose [in a BO5].

Other players predicted that SKT will be a formidable opponent during the knockouts. They stated that SKT is quick with their feedback and that they have a wide variety of different strategies. Do you agree?

I do. Our team has a high BO5 win rate, and we are quick to give each other feedback. Our tendency to gradually lessen individual mistakes over the duration of a tournament comes from our feedback sessions. 

G2 Esports quickly rose to become one of the best teams competing here at 2019 MSI. They play a wide variety of different picks and they have a very aggressive playstyle. What's your opinion on G2?

I believe that G2 only reached where they're at now because of our two losses against them. Counting out the two wins against us, I don't think G2's performance was significantly outstanding this MSI when compared to their past performance. It's true they played well so far this group stage, but if we refine our plays, I think we're fully capable of defeating them during the knockouts. 

What must SKT 'fix' in order to defeat G2?

Individual performance is the most important. In addition, G2 has a very aggressive playstyle and they're unique when it comes to picks and bans. The next time that we play G2 during the knockouts, I think we'll perform better because we'll have gotten used to that playstyle. 

You have two games remaining here at the 2019 MSI Group Stage. As team captain, do you have anything you want to say to your teammates?

Our team's morale isn't as high as it used to be on Day 1 [of the group stage]. I firmly believe that as long as we play confidently, we can defeat IG and G2.

IG has not lost a single game yet - it'll be important to put an end to their momentum. That's why I want everyone to give it their best tomorrow.

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    level 9 Genryou


    I hope iG don't pick SKT for the semifinals.

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      level 1 Zheyue_Zhao


      That will be a terrible move bc if there is one team on the planet you don't want to get on bad terms with, it is SKT. If ig step on skt when they are weak, you can bet skt will seek retribution for years to come. You generally don't want to be hostile to another team on a world stage.

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