[MSI Interview] SKT Khan: "The tournament isn't over. Please pray for us. We'll continue to look for ways to perform better and win."

On the 13th, at the Hanoi Vietnam National Convention Center, Day 4 of the 2019 MSI Group Stage took place. On the 4th match of the day, SKT T1 built a massive lead against the Flash Wolves and overpowered them.

During the broadcast interview after the match, Khan stated, "We had a long feedback session yesterday. We were debating whether or not the issues that we currently have are easily fixable. We're currently doing our best to fix the problems that are."

In regards to his battle against Hanabi, Flash Wolves' top laner, Khan commented, "I secured a lead during the laning phase and started influencing the bottom side of the map." He then stated why SKT has been favoring the Sylas pick. "We had good results with him during practice, and he's a great champion to blind pick." 

To answer the question regarding SKT's jungle Vi pick, Khan said, "If there isn't Rek'Sai or Jarvan available, I believe that Vi is a viable pick." 

"The tournament isn't over. Please pray for us. We'll continue to look for ways to perform better and win," Khan finalized the interview. 

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    level 1 Iondefeso

    Hopefully he wasn yawning cuz I cant imagine any moment he didnt got his ass owned for no reason in the group stage and being nobody in the semis. Teddy gets a pass because he is new but this dude to act all tough and confident after this performance in MSI is really infuriating. SKT please give us Crazy, maybe he is good enough to run useless tanks until late game, that would be more effective than gettin smashed early (with early champs, barely survived, and) being useless later. If this guy wins Worlds with SKT next year hell either go China/NA no matter how "well" he might become with SKT so. how can i belive in his drive to win when he seems to not get better when we all know how good he can be...

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