[KR Reactions] SKT vs. TL: "How the hell did IG beat this team in 15 minutes?"


Time to set sail!
ㄴWhy is Teddy wearing his JAG uniform? Lmao.

If SKT loses this, I’m going to kill myself.
ㄴThat's a likely scenario ^^.

Stop picking Sylas, please!
ㄴSylas vs. Garen?
ㄴㄴSylas is still better haha.

Clid is so good…
ㄴSKT is a Clid one-man team.

Faker played so horribly when Clid ganked.
ㄴChovy probably watched that in frustration.

Doublelift is so behind.
ㄴ”How the hell did IG beat this team in 15 minutes?”
ㄴSKT has improved! They’re now capable of defeating Team Liquid!
ㄴI still don’t think SKT could beat G2.

???: “Amazing, Clid! How did you secure Baron while it was under enemy Gangplank’s ult?”

SKT is back!
ㄴTeam Liquid is back to their usual self, too!

???: “Sang-hyeok… stop… it hurts… Don’t you remember? We used to be friends…”

Wow. SKT is playing really well. Why were they struggling so much yesterday?
ㄴIt’s been a while since Faker checked his ‘damage dealt to champions’ stat after a match...

"Come, IG! We’ve now recovered from the jetlag!"
ㄴYou sure know how to shit post.

If SKT defeats G2 today, will they be forgiven for yesterday’s performance?
ㄴI don’t think that would be enough to calm the fans, lmao.

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