It's going to be even harder to kill Knights after Auto Chess' latest patch

As Auto Chess keeps growing, the developers keep pushing updates (and vice versa). After hitting 8 million subscribers two weeks ago, Auto Chess just keeps on rolling. Today developer Drodo Studio released a patch that tweaks a couple of numbers, reworks a couple of items and even introduces two new items altogether.

For fans of Knight compositions, this patch will lift the spirits. From now on, if you go all-in with 6 Knights, the protective shield has a 5 percent point higher chance of proccing, reducing the incoming damage to your team significantly. Besides Knights, Terrorblade received a buff as well, upping Metamorphosis' damage by 50 for both the 1* and for the 2* version of the unit.

But even if you're not a fan of Knights or Terrorblade, this patch has some exciting news. The dreaded Black King Bar is entering the checkered arena, ready to haunt Mages and other dealers of magic damage. When it triggers, it provides the unit carrying it with spell immunity and 100% magic resistance for 8 seconds, meaning your Troll Warlords and Dooms can keep on slaying thoze Zeus' and Keeper of the Lights.

Full patch notes:

- Updated bullet chat info style: you will now wait for reduced time to see the (eh, actually) useful information.
- A global bullet info will now be sent out whenever a player recruits Io.
- Added new item: Ogre Axe (+15% Max HP, dropping from neutral creeps).
- Added new item: Black King Bar (+15 Attack damage, +15% Max HP. Active: Grants spell immunity and 100% magic resistance for 8 sec. Combined from Ogre Axe and Mithril Hammer).
- Decreased Blade Mail's Damage Reflection duration from 5 to 4 sec.
- Reworked Blink Dagger: +25% mana gained from taking damage. Active: Instantly teleports to the foremost vacant square in the current column when battle starts.
- Reworked Reaver: +500 Max HP, additionally +15% Max HP.
- Reworked Heart of Tarrasque: +1000 Max HP, additionally +30% Max HP. Grants 1% HP regeneration per 2 sec.
- Increased (6) Knights' Holy Protection team proc chance from 35% to 40%.
- Now the amount of Courier damage reduced by Priests' Barrier will round down instead of rounding up to the nearest integer.
- Reworked decorative items Drow Ranger, Dazzle and Death Prophet with the latest TI9 cometics :) ~wink~
- Attempts made towards the fixing the bug which pieces do not die and remain inactive on the board, causing the battle to continue.
- Congratulations to Terrorblade for achieveing the least wins prize for the week!
- Increased Metamorphosis bonus damage from 50/100/200 to 100/150/200.

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