2.88M Peak Viewers: Viewership statistics of the 2019 LCK Spring Split

On May 7,  the developers of 'League of Legends', Riot Games revealed various statistics regarding the viewership of their '2019 LoL Champions Korea(LCK) Spring'.

To begin, the match that had the highest online peak viewership during the 2019 LCK Spring was the Finals match between SK Telecom T1 and Griffin that took place on the 13th of April. The Finals was watched by 460K Korean viewers and 2.42M viewers from overseas, adding up to a total of 2.88 million viewers. This is the highest concurrent viewership recorded by the LCK ever since it began operating as a formal league back in 2015. In addition, the average of the peak viewership for the 90 games that were played during the regular season stand at 710K viewers, 160K from Korea and 555K from overseas. 

The following is Riot Games Korea's interpretation of the high viewer count: "Although the LCK failed to win an international title back in 2018, it is still highly regarded by fans worldwide as one of the best LoL leagues in the world. Our analysis is that the many achievements the LCK collected throughout the longevity of the LoL esports scene and the talented individuals that the league harbors, acted as the force that garnered the fans' attention from around the world."

Due to the high demands from overseas, the 2019 LCK Spring was broadcasted in a total of 6 different languages: Korean, English, Chinese, French, German, and Japanese through multiple platforms including SBS, Afreeca TV Channel, AfreecaTV, Twitch, Naver, Facebook, Youtube, Huya TV, and OpenRec.

As for the offline viewership of the '2019 LCK Spring' regular season, a total of 30K fans paid a visit to LoL Park to watch the games live, with an average of 333 viewers per match. With the Finals hosting approximately 5,000 visitors, a total of 6,000 offline viewers attended the LCK Spring Playoffs.

Out of the 90 matches that were played during the regular season, tickets for 42 of them were sold out. Tickets for all four playoffs matches were also sold out. The gender ratio of the live audience of the 2019 LCK Spring was 59.7% male and 40.3% female, with 93.5% of them being 10~30 years old.

There are some interesting in-game statistics as well. Three champions that had the highest pick/ban rate during the regular season were Lucian(90.4%), Galio(80.3%), and Lissandra (79.3%). As for the Spring Playoffs, Ryze, Kalista, and Sylas had a P/B rate of 100%. The champions that had the highest win rate and were played at least five times were Fiora(80%) for the regular season and Ryze(83.3%) for the playoffs. 

The game that had the highest amount of kills during the '2019 LCK Spring' was the 3rd game of 'AF vs. GRF' series that took place on March 16. Both teams scored a total of 42 kills, with Afreeca scoring 18 kills and Griffin 24 kills. In addition, the longest game played this Spring comes from the 'GEN vs. JAG' series that took place on the 30th of January; game 1 of that series lasted 57 minutes and 26 seconds. As for the shortest game, it comes from the 'HLE vs. DWG' series that was played on February 22. Game 2 of that series lasted 21 minutes and 51 seconds. 

A total of two penta-kills were scored during this Spring Split, one from GRF Viper on January 23 and another from AF Ssun on March 10. As for solo-kills, Chovy had scored the highest amount during the regular season with a total of 16. Faker and Clid scored the highest amount during the playoffs, with both of them scoring 4 each.

The player with the highest KDA during the regular season was Chovy(10.7), with the two runner-ups being his two teammates Tarzan and Viper. During the playoffs, Teddy had the highest KDA of 14.5 with no one even coming close.

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