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SKT Mata: "When I was playing for kt Rolster, we lost to iG at Worlds, so I really want to beat them this year."



Mata showed determination on his way to MSI.

On the 6th of May (KST), Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong showed his determination on his way to the 2019 Mid Season Invitational.

“3 years ago, I represented China in the MSI, but this time, I represent Korea. It’s a new feeling that brings back memories from then,” said Mata, and asserted, “Since it’s a competition that I’ve never won before, I want to win it.”

On his current condition, Mata said, “We had a short break, so I’m not at perfect condition. I’ll need to practice a lot harder when we arrive there.”

As for the opponent he wanted to beat the most, he picked iG. “Last year, when I was playing for kt Rolster, we lost to iG at Worlds, so I really want to beat them this year,” but also mentioned that he wouldn’t be careless by adding, “Of course, I won’t disregard playing against any other teams as well.”

He wasn’t too worried about the meta since he thought there wasn’t much change in the support position, but mentioned the unique comps. “The support position didn’t change much, but the change in other lanes could affect the game, and since there are many unique comps like Sona-Taric, we’ll need to prepare well for that.”

Lastly, he showed his determination to the fans. “As much as we’re heading to the MSI representing Korea, I want to return with good results. We’ll be going to the MSI, Rift Rivals, and then Summer, if we’re good enough, Worlds; since it’s the first step, I’ll make sure that we get off on the right foot.”


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