London Spitfire shakes off power outage delay, sweeps Paris Eternal

The first match of OWL Ultimate Weekend was delayed one hour due to a power outage in the local area. That didn't stop any of London Spitfire's momentum, as a sweep of Paris Eternal put Cloud9's darlings at 5-0 in stage 2. 

Image Source: London Spitfire

After a subpar  stage 1, reigning Overwatch League champions London Spitfire have returned to form. Heading to Dallas with a 4-0 record in stage 2, Spitfire added a cross-tally to the win column. At 5-0, Spitfire currently sits as the potential 4th seed heading into the Stage 2 Playoffs behind San Francisco Shock, Vancouver Titans, and Los Angeles Gladiators. 

Spitfire received some resistance from Paris Eternal throughout the series, as the French force threw the kitchen sink at Spitfire, sporting standard 3-3 play as well as a variety of DPS compositions. Spitfire, ever-resilient, stayed dominant through superior team play. On map 3, Kings Row, Spitfire mixed it up, turning the clock back to its championship run and putting Park "Profit" Joon-yeong and Kim "birdring" Ji-hyeok on Widowmaker and Hanzo for a double sniper composition.

The double sniper strategy was not only successful, but received additional flavor from Spitfire Main Tank Hong "Gesture" Jae-hee taking a shot of his own:


The thunderous Dallas crowd and new setting did not affect Spitfire whatsoever. Even through a one hour power outage just before playing, the team remained resilient. Profit told InvenGlobal afterwards how playing in Dallas compared to his OWL debut last year at Blizzard Arena:

“Obviously the main difference is that we have a much bigger audience here than at Burbank.  I was a bit nervous at first, but after I got in the groove, it was just like any other game.”

London Spitfire face off against Chengdu Hunters tomorrow at 1:45pm CT. 

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