Pro LoL Team, Dragon Gate Team Removed From the LMS Due to Match-Fixing

▲ Liu "JGY" Yang / source: LMS flickr


Dragon Gate Team (DG), a professional LoL team participating in the League Master Series (LMS), has been permanently removed from the league. 

Garena, the organizer of the LMS, has announced through their official statement that they've received reports on April 10, 2019, that numerous members in DG are involved in a possible match-fixing. According to the statement, Garena has further investigated related audio files, chat dialogues, video recordings and also interviewed the DG members. It is told that they've provided those evidence to Riot Games on the 17th. 

And on the 24th of April, Riot Games officially announced penalizations for 4 members of DG. 

1. The owner, Hu Wei-Jie has been prohibited from running any kind of pro or amateur LoL team from now on.

2. Head coach, Fan Jian-Peng and coach, Li Xin-Yu have been banned from participating in any kind of pro or amateur LoL tournaments for 12 season months (months during the season / off-season excluded).

3. Jungler, Liu "JGY" Yang has been banned from participating in any kind of pro or amateur LoL tournaments for 18 season months. 

4. The DG organization has been banned from the LMS. 


Meanwhile, SuperEsports, the first place team from the 2019 Elite Challenger League (ECL) Spring Playoffs, has been automatically promoted to the LMS without any official promotion/relegation matches due to the 8th place team for the 2019 LMS Spring, DG getting a ban from the LMS. 

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