ES Sharks Moves on to Fight for the Last Slot in LCK Against Jin Air Green Wings

On the 19th (KST), the Losers’ Match of the 2019 LCK Summer Split Promotions/Relegations took place. ES Sharks faced VSG for another chance to be promoted to the LCK in the double-elimination tournament. As it was the last chance for both teams, it was very close.


ES Sharks started with a good start by taking first blood. However, one mistake in mid lane balanced out the two teams. ES Sharks failed to kill Vladimir in a mid gank which VSG turned into a double kill. The game went on close until the 31 minute mark where VSG picked up an ace with Veritas’ Lucian’s impactful performance. In the following fight, VSG was able to initiate the fight more properly and proceed to the enemy Nexus. Game 1 went to VSG.

Unlike Game 1, Game 2 went faster. Kuzan’s Lucian completely ripped apart Ruby’s Vladimir in mid lane and Jisu’s Kennen also slammed on VSG’s top turret. What was worse for VSG was that ES Sharks took over the Rift Herald attempt and ES Sharks were able to take first turret. As the Global gold difference hit 8,000, there wasn’t much more VSG could do. After securing Baron, ES Sharks had no trouble ending the game.


VSG substituted in Mightybear and reM in the following game. After each team secured kills in top and bottom, the match was quiet for a while. ES Sharks made the next move. They gathered in mid lane to push out the turret. Afterward, the two teams clashed like there was no tomorrow. Howeverf, ES Sharks ADC Light’s Kai’Sa was too scaled for VSG to stop. Kai’Sa secured Elder Dragon alone and after that, VSG wasn’t able to stop ES Sharks from destroying their Nexus.

VSG struck back in Game 4 to take the match to a full 5-set-match. Ryan’s performance on Skarner and SoaR’s Aatrox were outstanding in the Rift. As soon as Skarner hit level 6, he made a difference. VSG gained first blood through Skarner’s ult in bot lane and added a kill along with a dragon right away. Through that, Veritas’ Varus was able to scale and the game tilted drastically. With Aatrox also doing well, VSG wasn’t able to come back.

VSG succeeded to bring the match into five games but they weren’t able to close out the game in their favor. ES Sharks top laner Jisu’s Akali shined in the match. ES Sharks drew first blood off of Irelia in top lane and Akali was able to scale enough for VSG to bring any variables in the game. Despite their lead, ES Sharks were careful enough to stop VSG. They succeeded to pull off an Ace and close the long game.


As of their 3-2 win against VSG, ES Sharks proceeded to the final match against Jin Air Green Wings to battle for the last slot in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. The final match of the Promotions/Relegations will take place on Sunday.

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