Dallas Fuel's Closer: "I look around in my situation like my family, friends, and teammates. I think they make me a better person and player than last year."

We are reaching the midpoint of Stage 2. This means that we are starting to see what teams are playing well in this patch and what teams are not performing as well. Although the Dallas Fuel only played two games thus far, they are playing well to contend for a stage playoff spot.

After their win against the Toronto Defiant in Week 2, Won-sik "Closer
" Jung spoke with Inven Global about what he brings to the Fuel this season, how the Fuel made him a better player, and opens up about his hobbies outside Overwatch.

Photo by Robert Paul

First, let's play a word association game. I'll tell you a word or phrase and you tell me the first thing that comes to mind.

London Spitfire

Profit and Gesture. The reason why this came to mind was that I want to have a match with them. When it does happen, I want our match to be good and entertaining.

Dallas Fuel

I think that the team helped me regain my happiness again.


Every time I hear this, I think that I can change everyone's mind when I play out there.


I don't like that the current meta is a fixed meta like all GOATS. This stage, we can try other things that beat GOATS so I feel good now. 

Before the season started, you were brought in to the Dallas Fuel coming from the London Spitfire. How do you make the Fuel a better team than they were last year?

When I came to Dallas Fuel, I tried to figure out my teammates' personalities. I also think every voice matters, so I try to listen to other ideas. I want to listen to everyone's idea and make it work this season.

Photo by Robert Paul

You mentioned that your team helped you regain your happiness. How did they help? Did you feel unhappy with things last year even though you won the season championship?

First, coaches and managers encourage me to play well. They keep my confidence up, even if it's low at times. When I make a mistake in the game, my teammates tell me that I'm playing well. Their words makes me feel happy to know everyone has my back.

Last year, I tried to practice all the time. I focused on the game non-stop. I wanted to get better everyday. This year, I took a step back. I still focus on the game, but I try to take a day off. I want to do other hobbies so I can recharge my mind. Thinking about it, I am also happy that my teammates often ask me to hang out with them.

What kind of hobbies do you like to do then?

First, I tried to find a good place to eat food. There are many places to eat around here. It's a little daunting but I like it. My favorite thing to eat is a Korean rice cake from this place called Yup Dduk.

Second thing, I like to build Legos. Third, I like to watch movies. Lastly, I love to exercise and go shopping.

When you come back to play after your break, how recharged do you feel? Does taking a break make you play better?

When I play the game, I take it seriously. I treat it like a job. I feel like I need to practice in order to win. If I feel angry or something, I would often say that I am. Then, I try to focus on how my teammates are doing.

First time, I was very nervous playing on the stage again. As time went on, I started to feel less nervous. Then, I can figure out how we can win in certain situations.

Photo by Robert Paul

In what ways are you a better player than last year with the Spitfire?

Now that I have the experience, I think I am more confident than before. I don't feel as nervous as before. Last year, I criticized myself like often telling myself how I need to play and what I need to do to win each game. Now, I look around in my situation like my family, friends, and teammates. I think they make me a better person and player than last year.

Last year, you were with the Spitfire and won the season championship. Obviously, you want to win another championship with the Fuel this year. How does your previous experience help the Fuel win the season championship?

My team will run into trouble during the season. I want to help fix any issues the team may have during the season. Hopefully, if we solve any issues we might come across during the season, we will become a better team coming out from it. We can get to grand finals and win the championship this year.

Photo by Robert Paul

Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

Hi fans, I am Closer, main support for the Dallas Fuel in Season 2. Thank you all for supporting us each week. We're going to improve every match. Believe in us, even when we make mistakes. We will play well for each and every one of you. Love you all.

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