KT Smeb on Former ROX Tigers Visiting LoL Park: "Those guys came to Korea early after not doing so well in their leagues as well. (Laughs)"

On the 16th of April (KST), kt Rolster faced VSG in the 2019 LCK Spring Promotion/Relegation match. In the double-elimination format, KT succeeded to go to the winners match by defeating VSG 2-0. In both games, KT picked late-game comps and games went as they intended. After the match, captain of the team, Song "Smeb" Kyung-ho was interviewed.


What did you prepare during the 2-week break after the regular season?

Since there was no place to back up, we renewed our mindsets and did our best preparing.

Was there any change during the 2-weeks?

Our main focus was on becoming one as a team. Our practice in recent practices went well; I think that’s why we were able to do well today.

It seems that you and the players practiced in a lot of solo queue games as well. Did that have a positive effect on today’s game?

All the players are doing their best; I think the solo queue had a lot of positive effects because of that.

VSG had a good flow up to now; they came up with a reverse-sweep, and you didn’t have experience against them. Was that an issue?

Since we didn’t play against them much, it was kind of tricky preparing against them. Still, since we’re a team with much more experience, we prepared with confidence.

Which moment do you remember the most in today’s match?

The moment I died two straight times… I remember apologizing to my teammates after that.

The former ROX Tigers members visited LoL Park to cheer for you. Was that helpful for you?

Those guys came to Korea early after not doing so well in their leagues as well. (Laughs) So their support was surely helpful for me.

Any comments regarding the remaining match(es)?

I would like to think we have only one match left. I want to stay in the LCK by winning in a graceful manner.

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