[Cartoon]"MSI Is Coming..." The Strongest of Each Region Are Gathering for a Showdown



Today's editorial cartoon is about the LCS, LEC, LCK, and the LPL that'll soon clash at the 2019 MSI.

The regional battle that was Spring Split is finally at its end. The LCK shot a flare signaling SKT's revival, while in the LCS, Team Liquid once again claimed the LCS trophy. In the LEC, G2 took out  Origen with a score of 3-0 to take back the throne that once belonged to them. As for the LPL, the world champion iG, and JDG are in wait for their match on the 20th.

With many fiery Finals being played worldwide, fans' anticipation for the upcoming MSI tournament has grown exponentially - the meeting ground for Faker and Doublelift, and how far will Caps go this time?

Teams looking to take international glory are gathering in one place. Who will claim the crown of the first international tournament of the year? The month of wait feels like years.

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