Team Liquid Impact on MSI 2019, "I'll do my best to show that LCS is not a loser on international stage anymore."

Team Liquid is the winner of LCS 2019 spring split. 

13th April, Saint Louis Chaifetz Arena, Team Liquid defeated Team Solo Mid by 3-2 at the finals of LCS 2019 spring split. This match-up was one of the most exciting series in the history of North American League of Legends. With a final team fight, Team Liquid completed the reverse sweep, finally bringing a championship to Team liquid. 

The following is the press-interview of Team Liquid top laner, Impact.


Q. Team Liquid defeated Team Solo Mid 3-2. It was the most exciting series in the history of North American League of Legends. How was the game to you?

Eventhough we won the championship, I feel bad. If we didn't lose in the first game, we could win this series by 3-1. we did some mistakes in game1, Taric and Sona comp worked in game2.

Q. Didn't you feel nervous when the game went to 0-2?

No, I didn't. Even though we lost game 1 and 2, I thought we were still okay. We lose those two games because we played strangely. I didn't think that they were so good that we couldn't win this series.

Q. How about other players? Were there any other players seemed nervous?

Maybe Jensen? Other players seemed okay.

Q. Team Solo Mid picked Sona and Taric comp in game2. How was the Sona and Taric comp?

I couldn't think that TSM will pick those two champions because they banned Sona and Taric at the semi-finals against Cloud9. We should have prepared more strategies against it. We could win this game by 3-1 if we did well in game1.

Q. You seem like you feel sorry to your teammates for this match.

I'm sorry to my teammates. I did some mistakes during this series.

Q. Team Liquid players are veterans. It was a great advantage when this series went to game5.

Yes, obviously. Some of TSM players did mistakes in game5, too. That's why we should do well on the international stage. I'll go back to Korea early and practice soloqueue myself. I learned that setting a goal is so important. It makes me run more, do more, practice more. In this year, I set a goal at MSI and worlds. I'll show TL fans that TL is not a loser in the international stage anymore.

Q. You have a chance to play against T1 at MSI. How do you think that matchup will go?

I don't afraid Khan. I beat him a lot in scrims. But I don't know what will happen between me and him at the stage. He's a good player and first of all, we need to go through the play-in stage.

Q. Thanks for the interview. Is there anything you would like to say to the Team Liquid fans?

I feel bad I haven't shown the champions I prepared. I'll do my best to show that LCS is not a loser in international stage anymore.


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    Good article, GO TL!

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