[LCK Finals] SKT Teddy Wins Finals MVP

On April 13th, SK Telecom T1 returned to the throne. The finals between Griffin and SKT ended in three games, with SKT sweeping Griffin. In the three games they played in the finals, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong shined the most and was selected as MVP. The MVP will be awarded 5 million Korean Won (≒4,400 USD). 

Teddy had his debut in 2016 with Ever8 Winners. He later joined Jin Air Green Wings and earned his nickname, ‘General’ with his outstanding performance. While he was in Jin Air, he set a new record for most CS in a single game with 1456, in which he gave trouble to SKT. At the end of 2018, he joined SKT with Khan, Clid, and Mata to form a ‘dream team’ alongside Faker.

SKT finished in second place for the regular season. They reached the finals after defeating Kingzone DragonX in the semifinals, and defeated Griffin to win their seventh championship.

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