[LCK Finals] SKT Sweeps Griffin for their 7th Championship in the LCK

On the 13th (KST), the grand finals of the 2019 LCK Spring Split were held. High expectations rose for the match between the new rivalry between ‘another level’ Griffin and ‘dream team’ SK Telecom T1. The match ended up with SKT sweeping Griffin 3-0. As of this championship, SKT has earned their seventh championship in the LCK, and a spot in the MSI.


Game 1 started off with a surprise bottom pick from Griffin. They picked Taliyah and Pantheon for Viper and Lehends. It seemed that Griffin had a good start by picking off Braum with a Lv.1 invade. In big and small skirmishes, Griffin and SKT each took benefits. It seemed that Griffin had the advantage; they took four dragons, two infernal and two mountain.

However, after a big teamfight win in front of Baron, SKT started to gain more power over the map. The game was decided after a fight at the Elder Dragon. Lehends’ Pantheon succeeded to steal the dragon, but SKT won the teamfight. As Chovy failed to recall due to Teddy’s Trueshot, SKT’s players were able to close the game.

Griffin tried to invade SKT again, but what they didn’t know was that Khan’s Akali was nearby. They had to retreat giving up 2 kills. Through the advantage SKT gained during the invade, SKT started snowballing their benefits. In a 4v4 Rift Herald fight, Tarzan succeeded to steal Shelly, but SKT ended up winning the fight as Lucian stopped Ezreal’s TP with a solo kill at bot lane.

Faker’s Azir and Teddy’s Lucian showed insane performance in all fights, and Chovy’s Lissandra wasn’t able to do much. Whenever Griffin attempted to create variables, SKT evaded them gracefully. The gap was too big for Griffin to catch up, and SKT ended up destroying Griffin’s Nexus in 30 minutes.


Again, Griffin selected the Pantheon Taliyah bot lane. This time, Griffin picked Elise in the jungle and Sylas went to Chovy. However, they gave up a solo kill at bot lane first. When Clid visited bottom lane, SKT succeeded to pick off Taliyah. Although Griffin’s picks were to snowball from bot lane, they weren’t able to get enough benefits.

Sword, on the other hand, performed extremely well, picking up a solo-kill against Khan. The game ping-ponged back and forth, but after SKT picked up an Ace, Griffin wasn’t able to come back up. SKT closed the game and succeeded to sweep Griffin and win their 7th championship.


SKT started their journey as the champions in 2013 summer. They won the 2013-14 Winter, 2015 Spring, 2015 Summer, 2016 Spring, and 2017 Spring. With their win today, they extended their record to 7 championships.

There were times that SKT struggled; in 2018, although they finished 4th in Spring, they failed to reach the playoffs and weren’t able to take part at Worlds. Before the 2019 season started, SKT changed their roster drastically. They formed the ‘dream team’ that consisted of aces from several teams. Although they didn't have perfect synergy from the beginning, they improved over the season and finally reigned as the champions in the end.



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