Bang Appears as Ezreal at the LCK Finals: "I might be falling into the path of a cosplayer."

At the grand finals of the 2019 LCK Spring Split on the 13th (KST), Bae “Bang” Jun-sik appeared… as Ezreal. Along with Zaka, who cosplayed Faker and the person who helped Bang cosplay Xayah at last year’s All-Stars Event. Prior to the finals, they stopped by briefly to chat.

The interview was conducted by Ashley Kang of Korizon.


Can you explain what you’re cosplaying?

: I’m Ezreal. An AD carry. It’s a bit embarrassing because I came here wearing our team’s uniform although this event isn’t for our team… (Laughs)

: I’m cosplaying Faker in “Rise”. It happened for me to cosplay along with Bang.

How did you come to cosplay today?

Zaka: Bang came to Korea for vacation, so I persuaded him and dragged him here to cosplay. It was a bit regretful that we weren’t able to cosplay together last time at the All-Stars event. I recommended Ezreal.

Bang did Xayah along with Sneaky. Will you do more?

Bang: All I have to do is be there and the cosplay team helps me out. They told me that this time, it’s easier than Xayah, but it was harder than I thought… Still, it’s fun. I might be falling into the path of a cosplayer.

: Haven’t you already? (Laughs)

: If I have the chance, I would like to try more. If the difficulty is around this level, it would be good to enjoy.

(Click here to see the full video interviews with Bang conducted by Ashley Kang!)

You came to watch the finals today. Who are you rooting for?

Bang: Obviously Griffin. (Laughs) Actually, it’s SKT. I think it would be 3-1 whichever team wins.

Zaka: I think 3-0.

A comment to cheer the team you support?

Bang: Fighting! But I’m in a different team; I shouldn’t be cheering for other teams… (Laughs)


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