Brawl ensues between teams following NBA 2K League match



Like any competition, esports has a tendency to elicit fierce, passionate emotions. However, the NBA 2k League took things to a level rarely seen in competitive gaming. 

As shown in the clip above, a fight broke out on stage following an NBA 2k League match between the Atlanta Hawks' Hawks Talon GC and the Boston Celtics' Celtics Crossover. Hawks Talon defated Celtics Crossover 68-58, winning its debut match in the second NBA 2k League season. At the start of the post-game handshake line, Celtics Crossover's Albano "oFab" Thomallari refused the handshake of Hawks Talon's Randolph "Rando" Moreno, opting instead to roughly brush shoulders.

The resulting chaos was unexpected, to say the least, as the NBA 2k League broadcast abruptly cut to a break while members of the production staff tried to contain the rising tensions between both teams. After the break, little detail was given regarding the tussle or the tension between the teams leading up to it. 


No statements or announcements have been made by teams, players, or the league regarding the incident since its occurence. 


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