GRF Sword: "Khan should have a bad memory of me and my Sion. I'll make him recall that memory at the Finals."

The Final stage, where even the strongest teams can falter and collapse. There have been numerous cases where professional esports players failed to deliver their usual performance on stage due to being nervous. However, the Griffin Sword that attended the 2019 LCK Spring Finals Media Day seemed different than most. Despite the many criticisms that he had received for his recent performance, Sword radiated confidence at the event. 

Although it's just a few days before the big Finals event, Sword showed no concern. "Oddly, I don't feel any pressure. I feel that I'm less pressured the larger an event. Since long ago, my head coach and team owner told me that I seem like a player who plays better on big stages... so unconsciously, I developed strong confidence over time. Being confident is better than being hesitant." 

In regards to the meta changes and his performance on DPS top lane picks, Sword stated, "In the end, the winner takes all the glory. If you win with a tank champion, you're a good player on tanks. The same goes for any type of champion. My only goal is to win, and I'll do the best that I can to achieve that." He then continued, stating, "I've been practicing DPS champions. However, I'm a bit disappointed that I couldn't play them as well as I did during scrims."

Sword then shared how he's been preparing for the Finals. "I've been practicing hard. Our team has a lot of trainees, and they've been a tremendous help to me. In addition, I've been watching a lot of videos of other players, studying their plays."

Since his debut, Sword has had a rivalry relationship with SKT T1 Khan. "As I said, there is no pressure. Even when Khan performed well against me in the past, I didn't feel much burden. I think it's because I was able to beat his ever-so-famous Jayce a number of times," Sword said. "Playing against the new and improved Khan at the Finals will be a good chance for me to test myself and see where I'm at." Then, as if declaring 'rock' before even playing the game of rock-paper-scissors, Sword confidently said, "Khan should have a bad memory of me and my Sion. I'll make him recall that memory at the Finals."

Sword then shared that the mid and jungle will be the most important role at the Finals. "My jungler and mid laner have always performed well, so I have complete trust that they'll do well." He then added, "However, I hope they don't roam or gank top lane much. I want to truly brawl it out with Khan. There's no more going back. I'll do nothing but march forward."

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