Dallas Fuel Effect Announces Retirement

Dallas Fuel Effect announced retirement.

On the 7th (KST), Dallas Fuel’s Hwang “Effect” Hyeon announced retirement through his Facebook account.

Effect posted a long message which included several issues including mental challenges and depression. He also said, “I don’t want to practice while being so stressed”, and also mentioned that he doesn’t want to earn the salary he doesn’t deserve as the reason he was retiring.

Effect first earned his fame by reaching Rank no.1 in Overwatch season 2 competitive play. He later joined Team Envyus and was recognized as one of the world’s best Tracer players. As the Overwatch League first started, his team was renamed to Dallas Fuel. In the Inaugural season, Dallas Fuel ended in 10th place, in which Effect returned to Korea before Stage 4 started. He returned in Season 2, but this time, announced retirement.

Dallas Fuel ended Stage 1 of the second season of Overwatch League at 9th place with a 4-3 (+1) record.

Below is translated from Effect’s Facebook post.

"I think I’m at the edge of my mental state. I’ve been mentally disturbed from before; as the positive view on me changed negative, and now, the world full of praises turned into insults and criticism. I don’t have the strength to endure the professional career anymore. I really don’t want to do any stupid things like committing suicide. I think I need treatment; I need to talk to a doctor. It seems that the negative thoughts arising need to be stopped. If I don’t stop this, this emotion will become bigger like an avalanche and swallow me up. Since I can’t do anything after being a loud mouth, I find myself so pathetic, and this might lead to a terrifying decision.

I returned to the league full of energy, but it’s so regretful that I’m leaving without showing anything. However, I really don’t want to practice while being so stressed because Overwatch is really not fun. Earning the salary I don’t deserve while not being any help to the team makes me very sorry and feel shameful. So, I’m retiring from pro play. I’ll continue Youtube and streaming for a living, but I think it’ll take time to do that regularly as well.

Sorry for the TMI. I’m not very good at expressing myself so I tend to write on once I start. Thank you for reading this long post, and thank you for cheering for me."

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