DWG Showmaker: "There’s nothing really special about Corki because he’s a relatively easy champion. You just need to farm well."

On the 3rd of April (KST), DAMWON Gaming defeated SANDBOX Gaming in the Wild-Card match of the 2019 LCK Spring Split. They will now step ahead to the next round to face Kingzone DragonX on Friday. In the match, Heo “Showmaker” Su delivered top-notch performance and was voted as MVP.


You took all MVPs for your team today. How do you feel?

We were a bit nervous since we didn’t beat SANDBOX Gaming in the LCK [regular season], but I think we did well.

So SANDBOX had the better record. There must have been pressure. How did you motivate yourselves?

We grit our teeth and thought that we shouldn’t lose to these guys; we were determined to win today since we lost so many times against them.

The game went on for a bit long; how did you maintain your concentration?

We were a bit exhausted after losing Game 2 which we should have won, but coach Kim Jeong-soo told us that if we take a bite off of a chocolate bar, it’ll be okay. (Laughs) So I think we were able to recover and maintain our concentration by having a bite of chocolate.

How is it playing against Lissandra with Corki?

It’s not bad. It’s alright to play against Lissandra which appears often.

What do you have to beware of when playing in lane against Lissandra?

Corki can’t take Teleport so you have to predict Lissandra’s Teleport well.

In Game 1, DAMWON took up all the dragons.

I don’t think we’ve ever taken this many. Usually, our jungle doesn’t look out for the objectives that much, but it seemed that he was trying to secure the objectives more than ever.

Your Corki is really good. What’s so special about your Corki?

There’s nothing really special about Corki because he’s a relatively easy champion. You just need to farm well.

You bought Trinity Force at 12 minutes into the game in Game 3.

I was able to pick up a double kill at top lane in that game, so I got the momentum to scale faster.

How were the calls when you and Ryze wiped out the opponent in bot lane during Game 3?

We were being a bit pressured, but Nuguri said that he would teleport behind them and told us to wipe out everybody, so we did.

Didn’t Nuguri complain because of so many bans were targeted at him?

Not really, he has a very wide pool of champions so he didn’t mind.

Is the synergy good between Corki and Ryze?

I don’t think there’s any type of synergy between those two champions. (So the synergy between Showmaker and Nuguri is extremely strong?) Of course. (Laughs)


How’s the team atmosphere?

I need to go back and see, but I think it would be extremely good.

You will be facing Kingzone DragonX in the first round of playoffs. What are your thoughts?

We weren’t able to win against Kingzone; not even a single set. This time around, I really want to go and beat them.

Lastly, a word to the fans?

I’m thankful that so many fans come to cheer for us even if it hasn’t been long since we were promoted to the LCK. Please cheer for us in our next match as well, we’ll go further up.

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