Invictus Gaming 2018 World Champion Skin Hits PBE… In-Game Preview Also Revealed

▲ IG Worlds skin splash art - Riot Games


The 2018 Worlds champions, Invictus Gaming (IG) themed skin has now hit the LoL PBE. 

With the Invictus Gaming (IG) members frequently leaking information on their Worlds skins recently through interviews and live streams, fans knew that it was only a matter of time for its official drop. And finally, the 8th World Championship skins have been revealed to the public. 

For their 2 top laners, TheShy and Duke, they've been designed each as Fiora and Irelia. The MVP for the 2018 Worlds, Ning has been honored as Camille for his exceptional performance. IG's star mid laner, Rookie has selected Le Blanc for his skin and their bottom duo JackeyLove-Baolan are designed as Kai'Sa-Rakan. Similar to the 2017 Samsung Galaxy skins, this year's IG skins also contains the players' autograph on each of the skin's recall animations. The 2018 IG Worlds skins are expected to hit the shelves soon sold on 1350 RP each. 



Credits: Riot Games / SkinSpotlights YouTube

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