New Year, New Patch - League of Legends Patch 7.1

Patch 7.1 has just hit the Summoner’s Rift, and it brought many changes, including nerfs on some of the more popular champions, buffs on some AD Carry champions, and decreased experience gained from the first jungle camp clear. Also, there will be a new skin for Azir, Garen, Vi and Gankplank during this patch.


▲ Before we begin, guess what these champs have in common?


Nerf Highlight

To no one’s surprise, we found Camille in the patch notes. With good base stats and a flawless kit, the predictions about her being an overpowered champion were definitely not exaggerated. After just a few days, her pick/ban rate was ranked among the top 3. Even after a few weeks, her status remained the same in ranked games. Her base stats have been nerfed in the meantime, but it wasn’t enough to put a dent on her viability.

In Patch 7.1, her survivability took a hit as her Health Growth Stat was decreased to 85 and her passive ability’s shield lasts 1.5 seconds on all levels. The knock-away stun duration of her ultimate ability was decreased from 1 second to until the champion lands (which was also altered so the champions would land faster)


▲ Unfortunately, the changes will not help Caitlyn.


Poppy was one the most popular choices as a toplaner after the introduction of Courage of the Colossus, so it was inevitable that she gets her share of the nerf hammer. Her passive ability’s shield duration was shortened to 3 seconds, and her ultimate ability had the damage decreased to half for both the damage and the bonus AD ratio when snapcast.

Karma was another popular choice for the versatility of her kit, but her shield was deemed to be too strong, especially after items that boost Shield Power like Redemption were introduced.

Finally, Lee Sin’s Tempest no longer reveals invisible heroes, but the more significant nerf was done on his ultimate ability, as the damage decreased significantly to 150/300/450.

Buff Highlight

Most of the buffed champs in Patch 7.1 were AD Carrys. With the ADCs’ despair being bad enough to become a meme, it was only a matter of time before Riot Games did something about ADCs.

Draven, everyone’s favorite champ (citation needed), had some base ability damage added, while changing the damage ratio to bonus AD, but scaling much better than before. Also, Blood Rush’s mana cost now decreases as it levels up, making it less taxing on mana as it levels up.

Lucian’s passive damage now increases at Level 7 and 13, which results in having higher damage from his passive, until it caps at 60% at Level 13 instead of 16. The base ability damage of Piercing Light was also increased a little bit.

Finally, Kalista’s basic attack and Pierce are no longer linked to Rend being off cooldown to stack. Also, Rend’s mana refund now occurs even when the ability kills a single unit.

Only time will tell if these changes can help AD Carrys, but it definitely shows that Riot Games have their eyes on the current situation of ADCs.


▲ After all, they are not the only ones that need help.


Changes in the Jungle

In the jungle, Patch 7.1 brought some minor quality-of-life changes to plants in the jungle and decreased the overall experience gained for the first jungle clear.

The pre-season’s jungle had the decreased jungle camp spawn rate compensated with higher reward. Because of this change, it became much easier for junglers to gank a lane without losing tempo in clearing camps. Patch 6.24 saw changes in Smite and experience gained from jungle camp, but it seems that it wasn’t enough to deter junglers from ganking all day long.

So, experience gained from the jungle was tweaked yet again. If there’s one thing that the junglers need to know, it is that they have to clear one more jungle camp to reach Level 4 compared to the previous patch. It is expected that the gold gain of junglers will also be decreased due to sustainability and experience falling from changes in the jungle camps.

New Skins

Last but not least, patch 7.1 was not just about numbers, as it came the new skins - Dreadnova Gangplank, Warring Kingdoms Azir, Warring Kingdoms Garen, Warring Kingdoms Vi and a Chroma pack for Firecracker Jinx.

▲ Dreadnova Gangplank


▲ Warring Kingdoms Azir


▲ Warring Kingdoms Garen


▲ Warring Kingdoms Vi


Click here for the full patch notes.

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