Black Desert Online Global Lab Patch Notes March 29th - Airliner added



The Encarotia family, dwarf artisans in Gavinya Great Crater, and Old Moon guild invented an airliner “Old Moon Sky Wagon” has been added.
  -  Old Moon Sky Wagon is a hot air balloon flying from Calpheon to Altinova, and from Altinova to Valencia (and vice versa).
  -  You can board the Old Moon Sky Wagon at the hot air balloon stations in Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia. You will need a special material in order to fly the Old Moon Sky Wagon.
  -  A maximum of 2 people can board the Old Moon Sky Wagon, and it will travel automatically.

New Knowledge category “The Pioneers of the Sky” has been added.

New Siege Weapon mountable Ogre has been added.
  -  Mountable Ogre can be summoned by using the item [Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre.
  -  Only the attacking side can use the mountable Ogre.
  -  Only one guild member can use the mountable Ogre. The mountable Ogre can be controlled by the guild member who is using it.

[Conquest] Dark Contract: Ogre has been added.
  -  Obtainable by mixing Ogre’s Crystal of Darkness and 50 Ogre Blood via Simple Alchemy.
  -  Ogre’s Crystal of Darkness can be looted from Muraka or the Ogre in Mansha Forest by low chance.

Dream Horse Arduanatt and Dine have been buffed.

When you do not have any mounts in the stable and you are registering a mount for the first time, the mount you have registered will be taken out immediately.

Savage Rift rewards, Red Battlefield rewards, and attendance rewards will be sent to you via Black Spirit’s mailbox.

Items obtainable from Golden Treasure Box, which appears in the Black Desert world randomly, have changed.

Fixed the issue where the horse was returned to the stable where it was at after reconnecting.

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Comments :2

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    level 30 Moist

    More rewards sent to the Black Spirit's box instead of inventory/mail, I like this.
  • 0

    level 1 Shinzen_Kensei

    Finally !!! I was waiting for sth like this ever since the Zeppelins were going back and forth, even is its a balloon its GG, its the small things that make it worth while for me.

    On a side note , Nodewars with Zeps or balloons thrown in the mix = finally a good reason to join a guild ! Would lvl to 60 an Archer or Ranger and spam "Justice reins from above".. just sayin..

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