HLE Moojin: "I really wanted to play in the LCK."

On the 29th of March (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split match between Hanwha Life Esports and kt Rolster, Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin returned on stage after a long time and led the team to a 2-0 victory. The jungler who formerly played for Flashwolves of the LMS played Jarvan IV in both games and won an MVP award as well. After the match, we had a chance to talk to Moojin.


It’s been a while since you played on stage. How do you feel returning to the stage and winning today?

After losing the match I first played in, I wasn’t able to play for long. During that time, I wanted to deliver good performance since I’ve been doing my best preparing. I feel so good that I was able to show what I’ve been working on.

Can you share the reason you weren’t able to play for so long?

I wasn’t very good in scrims and I wasn’t in good condition.

When did you find out that you’ll be playing in today’s match?

I found out when we were playing scrims. I think it’s been about a week. This time as well, I became really nervous about playing on stage and since it’s the last match of the season, I didn’t want to leave any regrets. I was determined to deliver good performance and did my best; I’m satisfied with today’s match.

We didn’t hear from you after Worlds. How have you been doing?

Just the regular routine; playing scrims, solo queues… I tried to play more than others by getting up earlier and going to bed later than other players.

So before that, what made you return to Korea?

If I’m in a foreign league, communication can’t be 100%. That was something that was regretful. I wanted to be 100% ready regarding communication for international competitions so I decided to come back to Korea.

Before your joining Hanwha Life Esports was confirmed, there were so many rumors around you, saying that you’ll be joining SKT or other teams. Now we can ask: what made you join Hanwha Life Esports?

When I talked to Hanwha Life Esports, I had a very positive impression. There were several more offers from other teams, but I didn’t think that any other team can treat me as well as Hanwha Life Esports can. I wanted to maintain my health while I’m active as a player. (Laughs)

You’ve been in the same team as Thal before. Did that affect your decision?

I actually didn’t know until the day I arrived in the team house that I would be teammates with Thal. When I arrived, he was just there. He was a big help in adapting to the environment. Since I’ve been in foreign leagues for long, there weren’t many players in the LCK that I’m close with.

What did you concentrate to improve the most this season?

I thought I was on a slump. I played a lot of solo queue to raise my ladder points and to know what kind of plays I can do and am confident at.

How were the results of your effort?

Honestly, the Jarvan IV I played today was a champion I kept losing in solo queue. My recent results on Jarvan was something like 1 win 8 losses. Still, that was solo queue. I thought my Jarvan was alright, so I was able to play him. My teammates had faith in me as well.

You played in EU, in LMS, and now in the LCK. Do you think having experience in diverse leagues helped your career?

At first, I was very shy and didn’t speak up much. When I was in foreign leagues, I found out that I need to talk more for the others to know me better. Naturally, that led to improvements in my sociality.

The amount of practice was progressively increased from EU to LMS to LCK as well, so my prowess as a player also increased. The amount of practice in LMS was a lot as well.

What were your thoughts on returning to Korea after experiencing foreign leagues?

I really wanted to play in the LCK. Back when I played in Challengers Korea, I wanted to reach LCK but wasn’t able to. When I met LCK teams in international matches, I thought that I want to play with those teams.

Also, since they made LoL Park, I wanted to set foot on this stage as well. I wanted to play in a new arena with a new mindset.

What do you think about LoL Park?

It’s really good. It’s better than any other arena I’ve been to.

The results for this season should be regretful for you in terms of appearances or final standings of the team.

We did win today, but I can’t be satisfied. Still, I think I was able to show today what I wasn’t able to before. I think I’ve shown that I haven’t collapsed yet. Since I’m back in form, I’ll reach a higher spot in the summer season by preparing better.

Would we be able to see you more, then?

I’ll do my best so that I can appear more. If I put in more effort than preparing for today, I should be able to have more appearances.

Lastly, any comments going forward and a word to your fans?

I wanted to prove today that I still have what it takes and I was able to do so with the given chance. I’ll be back in the summer season well prepared.

I was often depressed when I lost ranked games; many fans left messages cheering for me. My parents contacted me often as well. I’d like to say thank you to all the fans and family; the people who supported me when I was having a hard time.

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