HLE SoHwan on his Kennen: "Sangyoon said that it was Raichu since it was stronger than Pikachu."

On March 29th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 43 match, Hanwha Life Esports swept kt Rolster. In the match, Hanwha Life Esports’ jungler Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin returned on stage after a long absence and was voted as MVP in the first game. Game 2’s MVP was Kim “SoHwan” Jun-yeong. Following the match, the two were interviewed.

▲ Image source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

It’s been so long since you last played, and you even got an MVP. How do you feel?

Moojin: I feel good that I was on stage and even got my first win. I’ll prepare better in the future and deliver good performance. (Are you satisfied with today’s performance?) Yes, I am.

(To SoHwan) It’s your first MVP. How do you feel?

SoHwan: I feel good that I got an MVP. (Laughs) It also feels good that we’ll be on vacation now.

(To Moojin) There should have been a lot of pressure.

Moojin: Frankly, there was a lot of pressure. I put in tons of effort to return on stage in better shape.

How about a word to your fans?

Moojin: Although it’s quite regretful that I wasn’t able to play on stage often, but since I’m here by doing my best, I’ll put in even more effort so that I can play more often during the summer season.

Who called for the Lv.1 invade in Game 1?

Moojin: As a team, we agreed that if we go in, we’re stronger no matter what and that we would win no matter what.

The opponent picked Kayle at top lane in Game 2. Did you predict that?

SoHwan: Yes, it seemed that they practiced Kayle recently.

Even if you predicted the Kayle pick, why didn’t you ban her?

SoHwan: Since Kayle is weak in the early game, we thought we would stack benefits before she can scale, so we didn’t ban her.

Can you explain a bit about the Ace in bot lane?

SoHwan: The team did so well, so all I needed to do was just pick up the kills. They made a good situation for me. Sangyoon said that it was Raichu since it was stronger than Pikachu. (Laughs)

Who’s idea was the last backdoor?

SoHwan: We actually intended to lure the opponent into a fight at Baron, but our Taliyah (Tempt) accidentally killed a teammate, so I just went alone. (Laughs)

Moojin: We didn’t know Taliyah would use her ult that way. We were frustrated that Key died because of that, but when SoHwan said that he’ll go backdoor, we said okay, and we were able to end. (Laughs)

It was the last match of the season, any last comments?

: Since it’s the first time I won, it feels really good. I can’t wait for vacation as well, but even during vacation, I won’t be lazy and do my best so that I can return in the summer season in good form.

SoHwan: I’m thankful to all the fans that cheer for us and I hope all teammates have a good vacation.

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