SKT Faker on his Levitation Shot, Driving Sion, and Corgi Corki

Today’s interview is with SK Telecom T1 mid laner, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. In today’s match against Jin Air Green Wings, SKT won a clean 2-0 victory and took a step closer to securing 2nd place for the regular season. After the match, we caught up with Faker to ask a few questions.


You beat Jin Air 2-0 today. How do you feel?

As much as the season’s coming to an end, we tried to finish the match in a good form, with good performance. The chance for us to end the season in 2nd place is much higher now; I’ll do my best so that we can keep in good shape and get to the finals.

You played Lissandra again in Game 1, and you’re really good at the mind game utilizing her E skill. Do you have a more specific tip than ‘be good’?

If you want to use Lissandra’s E well, I think it’s really important to eat well and sleep well on the day before. (Why?) So that you’re in good condition to use E well.

In Game 2, the opponents had a really good teamfight comp and it was hard to predict who will win. What do you think was the reason that you were able to overcome everything and win the game?

We were quite afraid because Vayne was so strong, but I think we were able to win because my teammates fought well in the teamfight.

How would you evaluate yourself in driving Sion?

I don’t have a [driver's] license yet; (Laughs) if I someday get a license and get good at driving, I’ll become better at driving Sion as well.

Some people say that the levitation picture looks photoshopped. What did you think while jumping?

▲ Image source: LCK Flickr

I was thinking of how I should jump so that it looks good. I feel that the picture isn’t good enough so I’ll do better next time.

Did you see the new Corgi Corki skin? What do you think about it?

Yes I did. I think it’s cute. (But you’re not going to buy it, right?) No. I don’t really use skins. (It seems that you might use it in training mode yourself…) Probably not… (Laughs)

You recently made a Twitter account. Do you upload the posts yourself?

Almost everything is posted by me and I’ll continue posting things myself.

Your last match is against Afreeca Freecs. How would you prepare for it?

Our last regular season match is against Afreeca. We’ll win in Round 2 with the good memory of defeating them in Round 1. Thank you.

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