The Division 2 Guide: List of All Gear & Weapon Talents and Recommendations

With World Tier 5 just around the corner, agents who have reached the 450 gear score cap are beginning to set a plan for their build for the coming Tidal Basin Stronghold mission. And in order to perfect a build, knowing what each equipment talent does is vital. 

This guide will feature all gear and weapon talents that were discovered by the community so far and list a few of the most widely used talents. Exotic Talents are not included on this list.

* As the following tables are optimized for PC, it is highly recommended that you read the guide on PC for a better reading experience.


Passive Gear Talents

Offensive Talents Effect Requirements Available Gear Pieces
Critical +8% Critical Hit Damage - Holster, Gloves
Devastating +5% Weapon Damage - Holster, Gloves
Hard Hitting +15% Damage to Elites - All 6 Pieces
Precise +15% Headshot Damage - Holster, Gloves
Surgical +8% Critical Hit Chance - Holster, Gloves


Defensive Talents Effect Requirements Available Gear Pieces
Hardened +10% Armor - Vest, Backpack
Insulated +10% Hazard Protection - All 6 Pieces
Restorative +10% Health on Kill - All 6 Pieces
Self Adjusting +20% Armor Regeneration - All 6 Pieces
Vital +20% Health - Vest, Backpack


Utility Talents Effect Requirements Available Gear Pieces
Capacitive +20% Skill Duration - All 6 Pieces
Destructive +20% Explosive Damage - All 6 Pieces
Empowered +10% Skill Power - Mask, Kneepads
Surge +10% Skill Haste - Mask, Kneepads


Active Gear Talents

Offensive Talents Effect Requirements Available Gear Pieces
Berserk +10% weapon damage for every 10% of max armor depleted Only active when shotgun, SMG, or AR is equipped Vest
Bloodlust Swapping weapons after a kill increases all weapon damage by 25% for 10s - Holster
Compensated Weapon damage is increased when you have low critical hit chance 3 or less offense Gloves
Gunslinger Swapping to your sidearm within 3s of a kill refills the sidearm's magazine and grants +20% weapon damage for the entire magazine 5 or less defense Holster
Obliterate Depleting an enemy's armor grants +25% critical hit damage for 5s 4 or more offense Gloves
On the Ropes Weapon damage is increased by +25% while all skills are on cooldown or reach zero charges 7 or more utility Backpack
Opportunistic Destroying an enemy's weak point or breaking an enemy's armor adds +10% damage from all sources to enemy for 20s Only active when shotgun or marksman rifle is equipped Gloves
Reassigned Killing a status affected enemy adds 3 rounds of a random special ammo type into your sidearm. Can occur once every 45s - Holster
Spotter +10% weapon damage to pulsed enemies 5 or more utility Mask
Unstoppable Force Killing an enemy grants 2% weapon damage for every 10,000 max armor 7 or more defense Vest
Wicked +10% weapon damage to status effected enemies 4 or more offense Gloves


Defensive Talents Effect Requirements Available Gear Pieces
Blacksmith Killing an enemy with your sidearm repairs 25% of your armor. Can occur once every 10s 5 or more defense Holster
Bloodsucker Depleting an enemy's armor adds a stack of +20% bonus armor for 20s. Max stack is 5 7 or more defense Vest
Centered Headshot kills grant status effect immunity for 10s 4 or more defense Mask
Clutch Critical hits restore 15% health and repair 2% armor Only active when AR, SMG, or LMG is equipped Gloves
Efficient Using an armor kit has a 50% chance to not consume the armor kit Only active when no other active talents that affect armor kits are equipped Backpack
Entrench Headshots from cover repair 5% of your armor Only active when rifle or marksman rifle is equipped Kneepads
Patience After being in cover for 3s, armor repairs by 5% every 1s 7 or more defense Kneepads
Payload Destroying an enemy's asset grants +50% explosive damage for 15s 4 or less defense Vest
Unbreakable 25% of max armor is repaired when your armor is depleted. Armor kits used within the next 5s are not consumed Only active when no other active talents that affect armor kits are equipped Vest


Utility Talents Effect Requirements Available Gear Pieces
Braced While in cover weapon handling is increased by +25%   Kneepads
Calculated Kills from cover reduce skill cooldowns by 20% 7 or more utility Kneepads
Cloaked When your armor is depleted, nearby enemy skills are disrupted for 10s. Can occur once every 30s 5 or less utility Kneepads
Creeping Death Status effects have a chance to spread to enemies in a 10-meter radius. Can occur once every 15s 4 or less offense Mask
Dialed In While aiming, weapon stability is increased by 25% of your weapon accuracy - Mask
Fill'er Up Reloading from empty reloads all weapons - Holster
Knee Cap Shooting an enemy in the legs has a 10% chance to apply bleed 4 or less utility Gloves
Mad Bomber Grenade radius is increased by +150%. Grenades that kill an enemy are refunded 4 or less utility Vest
Safeguard Killing a target grants a 150% bonus to repairing and healing for 20s 5 or less offense Backpack
Skilled Skill kills have a 25% chance to reset skill cooldowns 6 or more utility Backpack
Tech Support Kills by active skills grant +25% skill damage for 10s 6 or more utility Backpack
Terminate Depleting an enemies armor grants +35% skill damage for 15s 5 or more utility Gloves
To Order Grenades can now be cooked by holding the fire button, making them explode earlier - Gloves
Trauma Semi-auto headshots have a 15% chance to blind Only active when rifle or marksman rifle is equipped Mask



Active Weapon Talents

Talents Effect Requirements Available Weapons
Boomerang Critical hits have a 50% chance to return the bullet to the magazine. If a bullet is returned to the magazine, the next shot has +20% increased damage 5 or more offense Rifle
Breadbasket Landing body shots adds a stack of bonus +5% headshot damage to the next headshot for 10s (Max stack is 10) 5 or more offense All Weapons
Close & Personal Killing a target within 7m grants +50% weapon damage for 5s 5 or more offense All Weapons
Eyeless Deal +20% weapon damage to blinded enemies - All Weapons
Fast Hands Critical hits add a stack of 3% reload speed bonus. Max stack is 20 - All Weapons
Finisher Swapping from this weapon within 3s of killing an enemy grants +30% critical hit chance for 15s 4 or less utility Pistol
First Blood First shot fired from a full magazine deals headshot damage to any part of the body hit Only active when using an 8x scope or higher Marksman Rifle
Frenzy Reloading from empty grants +20% weapon damage and +35% rate of fire for 7s 4 or less defense LMG
Ignited Deal +20% weapon damage to burning enemies - All Weapons
Killer Killing an enemy with a critical hit grants +50% critical hit chance for 5s 5 or more offense All Weapons
Lucky Shot Magazine capacity is increased by 20%. Missed shots from cover have a 25% chance to return to the magazine - Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Pistol
Measured The top half of the magazine has +15% rate of fire and -20% weapon damage. The bottom half of the magazine has -25% rate of fire and +20% weapon damage - AR, SMG, LMG
Naked Headshot damage is increased by +50% while your armor is depleted Only active when using an 8x scope or higher Marksman Rifle
Near Sighted Receive +35% stability at the cost of -20% critical strike range and -20% optimal range 4 or less utility AR
On Empty Reloading from empty grants +30% weapon handling for 10s 4 or less defense AR
Optimist Weapon damage is increased by +3% for every 10% ammo missing from the magazine 5 or less offense All Weapons
Outsider Weapon fire rate is lowered but optimal range increases as the weapon is fired 4 or less offense SMG
Perpetuation Headshot kills grant +5% skill duration, ammo, and charges to the next skill used. Max stack is 10 5 or more utility All Weapons
Premeditated Weapon damage is increased for every shell loaded to a max of +35%.
If all shells are reloaded then weapon damage is increased by an additional +50%. Buff lasts for 10 seconds
4 or less utility Shotgun
Preservation Killing an enemy repairs 5% armor over 3s. Headshot kills improve the repair 5 or more defense All Weapons
Pummel 3 consecutive body shot kills refills the magazine and grants +50% weapon damage for 7s 4 or more offense Shotgun
Ranger Every 5m you are from the target grants +2% weapon damage 4 or less utility All Weapons
Reformation Headshot kills increase skill repair and healing by 25% for 25s 4 or less offense All Weapons
Rifleman Landing headshots adds a stack of bonus +10% weapon damage for 5s. Max stack is 5. Additional headshots refresh the duration. All non-headshots remove the bonus 4 or less defense Rifle
Sadist Deal +20% weapon damage to bleeding enemies - All Weapons
Salvage Killing a target has a +50% chance to refill the magazine - Pistol
Spike Headshot kills grant +25% skill damage for 10s 5 or more utility All Weapons
Steady Handed Landing a shot adds a stack of bonus 2% weapon handling. Max stack is 15. At max stacks each shot landed has a 5%chance to consume the weapon handling bonus and refill the magazine 5 or less offense All Weapons
Strained +10% critical hit damage is gained for every 5% of your armor that is depleted 5 or less offense All Weapons
Unhinged Receive +25% weapon damage at the cost of -35% weapon handling - LMG
Unwavering Swapping to this weapon grants max weapon handling for 5s. Kills refresh the buff - SMG
Vindictive Killing an enemy with a status effect applied grants all group members within 15m +20% critical hit chance for 10s 4 or less offense All Weapons


Passive Weapon Talents

Talents Effect Requirements Available Weapons
Accurate +15% Accuracy - All Weapons
Allegro +10% Rate of Fire - All Weapons
Distance +15% Optimal Range - All Weapons
Extra +20% Magazine Capacity - AR, LMG, SMG, Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol
Jazz Hands +10% Reload Speed - All Weapons
Optimized +15% Weapon Handling - All Weapons
Stable +15% Stability - All Weapons


Equipped & Holstered Weapon Talents

Talents Effect Requirements Available Weapons
Cannon While equipped, throwing distance is increased by 10%. - All Weapons
In Rhythm While equipped, enemy kills have a 5% chance to refresh active skill cooldowns. Can occur once every 60s. - All Weapons
Protected Deploy While equipped, this weapon grants +10% bonus armor while deploying a skill. - All Weapons
Protected Reload While equipped, this weapon grants +10% bonus armor while reloading. - All Weapons
Recharged While equipped, skills deployed at full armor have +25% duration, charges, and ammo - All but Pistol
Rooted While equipped and in cover, all skill damage and healing are increased by +25% for 10s. Buff is lost when exiting cover. Can occur once every 25s. - All Weapons
Stop, Drop, and Roll While equipped,  rolling removes burn, bleed, and poisoned status effects. Can occur once every 60s. - All Weapons
Double Duty While holstered, reloading from empty gives you a 20% of your magazine back as free ammo. Can occur once every 30s. - All but Pistol
Everlasting While holstered and in cover, this weapon regenerates 2 ammo every 5s. - All but Pistol
Greased While holstered, weapon swap speed is increased by 10%. - All Weapons
Overlap While holstered, your equipped weapon gains a handling bonus based on this weapon's type. - All but Pistol
Transmission While holsteredshock applied to the Agent transfers to an enemy within 10m. Can occur once every 60s. - All Weapons
Wascally While holstered, you are able to resist 5 ensnare  attempts. Can occur once every 60s. - All Weapons



Recommended Talents

Although almost all talents could come as useful for the varying builds that the many agents are currently rocking, the following are a few of the most versatile, widely used active gear and weapon talents.

A vest-only talent that grants an agent bonus damage the lower his or her current armor. If you enjoy fighting foes up close and personal, Berserk is highly recommended. Pairs well with the 'Strained' weapon talent. (Berserk is currently a vital component for most competitive SMG/AR PVP builds.)

Unstoppable Force: A vest-only talent that grants bonus damage the higher your maximum armor is. If you're playing a tanky build that stacks armor, Unstoppable Force could be a fine choice. However, as a kill-to-proc talent, Unstoppable Force could feel inconsistent in group play.

Unbreakable: A vest-only talent that repairs an agent's armor by 25% when it is depleted. Although the talent is simple, it provides a lot of survivability and it could be a viable choice for any build. 

Clutch: A gloves-only talent that provides another form of healing to an agent. The healing is quite impressive on builds that utilize fast fire rate weapons and high crit chance. Currently, Clutch is one of the most popular PvP talents in the game, allowing agents that stack health, crit chance, and fire rate to tank an incredible amount of damage during short-ranged gunfights.

Patience: A Kneepads-only talent that provides a form of healing to an agent. Despite its name, Patience only requires 3s of being behind cover, which goes by faster than you'd think. The passive healing is great in that it'll allow you to tank as you shoot in medium-to-long distance gunfights. In addition, although you'd think that the healing will go against the Berserk passive, they go quite well together in that you'll tank as you shoot. However, the talent comes with a huge defense requirement.

Calculated: A Kneepads-only talent that provides cooldown reduction for every kill that you secure while behind cover. This talent will allow you to more often spam your skills on any offensive skill build. 

Breadbasket: A weapon talent that provides bonus headshot damage for stacking body shots. This is a great talent for weapons that fire at full-auto, as landing consistent headshots is difficult for those weapon types. 

Ranger: A simple weapon talent that increases weapon damage the farther your target is located. This is a great talent to use if you prefer fighting your foes at a distance. Although the numbers are quite small, it is a consistent talent that has no tricky requirements. 

Close & Personal: A weapon talent that provides an incredible 50% bonus weapon damage when a target that is within 7 meters is killed. Although it's extremely dangerous to get that close to an enemy in the current highest World Tier, the sheer amount of increased damage that the talent provides is good enough to put it on this list. 

First Blood: A marksman rifle talent that makes the first shot fired from a magazine count as a headshot, no matter which body part is actually hit. Although this talent is mediocre at best for PVE, it's one of the most deadly talents in PVP. However, do keep in mind that the talent currently feels inconsistent, as it fails to activate at times for unclear reasons. 

Optimist: A weapon talent that provides consistent bonus damage. It's an all-around great perk that can be used in any build. 

Strained: A very powerful weapon talent that works similarly to the Berserk gear talent. This talent synergizes very well with Berserk and is an important part of the Clutch SMG build.

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