SKT Khan on his Most Confident Pick: "Since there are so many picks that I’m confident in, I can't pick one."

On the 22nd (KST), SK Telecom T1 defeated SANDBOX Gaming 2-0 in the 2019 LCK Spring Split. In the match, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha delivered good performance with Vladimir and Fiora. Especially in Game 2, he played well in an unfavorable matchup against Ryze. After the match, we were able to interview Khan.

Below is our interview with Khan.


Let’s start with how you feel about today’s win.

We talked a lot about today’s game since it was an important match where we would become 2nd place if we win, but if we lose, we become 4th. As much as it was important, we did our best preparing, so we got a good result.

You were celebrating and shouting loudly after the match which was caught on the broadcast. You also said that it’s such a relief. What did that mean?

We were trailing in Game 1, but we turned it around, and in Game 2, I had a bad matchup but we were able to win. If we lost, we would have fallen to 4th. The reason I said that was because I really felt that it was a relief. I’m so thankful to my teammates for doing so well today.

2nd place for SKT is nearly secured. What did you concentrate on the most in preparing for today’s match?

Rather than concentrating on one specific part, we all said that we should reduce our mistakes. We thought we shouldn’t make the mistakes that we made during practice and do better in the official matches. The stronger teams seldom make mistakes; one small mistake could be magnified into bigger snowballs.

SANDBOX Gaming is a team that takes objectives, especially dragons very well. Did you focus on that as well?

Yes. OnFleek is a player that often solos the dragons so we kept an eye on the dragon while playing.

In Game 2, you picked Fiora last, but Ryze came to top. Weren’t you frustrated?

When we confirmed our picks, we thought that Aatrox is alright against Lissandra and Ryze is really strong against Fiora so they might change the lanes of the two. I said that even if they do that, I’m confident. If Aatrox comes, good, but if Ryze comes, I said I’ll at least not be solo killed.

In the match, Clid came and helped me out. I’m very thankful to my teammates. I was a losing pick; all I did was endure. My teammates all did so well. It really felt good because our team as a whole reduced a lot of mistakes.

SKT is doing really well now. How much do you think the team’s form is at?

I think we’re at about 70%. We still make mistakes, so it’s not 100% yet. I can see that there are things that we can still improve in so I believe we can do a lot better than we’re doing right now.

Can you explain a bit about the moment you evaded the gank in game 2? It was so natural.

Lee Sin was coming to top side and Clid was coming slowly as well. I said that even if Lee Sin comes, I think I could survive. I was confident that I would. Even before he came, I knew he was coming and things went as I predicted.

Are Jayce and Fiora your most confident picks in the current meta?

I’m confident in those picks, yes, but I wouldn’t say ‘most’ confident with Jayce or Fiora. Since there are so many picks that I’m confident in, I can't pick one. (Laughs) Jayce is a champion that I can play well any time; I’m confident in playing Fiora or Riven as well. Anything.

I know that you’re close friends with Sword. He’s a bit shaky in the current meta. What do you think?

Griffin is a team that prioritizes the harmony and teamwork among the players, so he’s really good when he plays tanks. But through this patch, the meta changed a bit; since he’s a really good player, I believe he can do return to his old form in no time.

There wouldn’t be much to say to him. He has what it takes and through this crisis, he can improve even more. How to overcome that crisis is up to him, so I’ll just silently cheer for him. (Laughs)

You were rather silent when you had the MVP interview last week. Did you receive feedback on interviews?

No. When I say something, I try not to hurt anybody else’s feelings. That’s my line. A player interview is for the fans to enjoy, so I just want to give more fun to them. I may have crossed the line in the past, (Laughs) but I try to keep the balance and give interviews that everybody is satisfied with.

SKT has confirmed a spot in the playoffs. Is there a team you’re looking forward to playing against?

There are four teams that reached playoffs now; among them, we beat SANDBOX and Kingzone. We haven’t beat Griffin yet this season, so I want to meet them and beat them. (Revenge?) Yes. (Laughs)

Lastly, a word to the fans and to your teammates that you’re so thankful for?

The reason pro players exist is because of the fans. All the cheering and support come to us and become good motivation. We’re doing our best to repay for all that support you give us. Thank you for cheering for us.

And to my teammates; we practice a lot so that we can improve. Practice is good, but I wish you all think about your health as well so that we can do well to the end.

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