SKT Faker: "Lissandra is good because I can look after my teammates when they’re not doing well."

On the 22nd (KST), in the second match of 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 39, SK Telecom T1 defeated SANDBOX Gaming 2-0. As of this match, SKT took a step forward and SANDBOX fell to 4th place behind Kingzone DragonX. In the match, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok delivered outstanding performance and were voted as MVPs. Prior to the match, the two players were interviewed.

The following is an interview with Teddy and Faker.

▲ Image source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

Today’s match was important for SKT to secure 2nd place. How do you feel?

Teddy: I feel really good because we won 2-0.

: There are so many fans that came here to congratulate me for my 6th year anniversary; I was a bit worried that I may not get MVP but it’s a relief that I did. (Laughs)

Game 1 wasn’t that smooth in the early game. How did you think to resolve that situation?

Teddy: We were a bit worried but since my Xayah was still alright so Mata said we would be able to do alright if Xayah can scale. Since the only thing I thought of in Game 1 was scaling, I stole all the jungle monsters; that should have been the reason I was able to scale well.

In Game 2, Faker’s Lissandra was excellent. You’re 8-1 on Lissandra. What are your thoughts on the champion?

Faker: Well, I think she’s not a very fun champion to play. (Laughs) Lissandra is good because I can look after my teammates when they’re not doing well. (What’s your secret behind your high win rate on Lissandra?) Because I’m good.

Rek’Sai took Electrocute today. Was that helpful?

: I found out that he had Electrocute after the match was over. Since I responded well to the ganks, I think we would have been able to kill the opponent even if he held Aery.

There were several times you survived with very low HP. Do you calculate how much damage you can take in teamfights?

Faker: I can’t play thinking I’ll die, so I fight trying not to die. I guess as a result, there must be several situations that I survive with low HP.

In the recent meta, small mistakes lead to deaths. Is there pressure?

Faker: Since I’ve played for quite a while, there’s not much pressure.


You’ve been playing for six years now. A word to the fans?

: I think I was able to get MVP today since so many fans cheered for me. The possibility of us going to the playoffs in 2nd place got higher; I’ll do my best so that we can reach the finals with the support of all the fans send us.

Your remaining matches are important as well. How are you planning to prepare?

: If it’s like today, I’ll be good. I want to lift my form a bit more.

Faker: We won against SANDBOX today; we’ll finish spring well by playing well in the remaining matches.

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