GEN Ruler: "If we reduce our mistakes, we can win against the strong teams."

On the 22nd (KST), Gen.G Esports faced Afreeca Freecs in 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 39. Gen.G Esports defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-0 and collected their 5th win. In the match, Lee “Ruler” Jae-hyuk delivered good performance and were voted as the sole MVP of the match.

Below is an interview with Ruler.

▲ Image source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

Congratulations on today’s win. How do you feel?

We thought that today’s match will be decided by mistakes; the team that makes more mistakes would lose, so we tried to reduce our mistakes.

Gen.G seemed to be in good condition today.

It could be because we all had good sleep. I’m thankful to the other players. (How much sleep did you get?) I think I slept for about 8 hours.

In Game 1, you let Afreeca play Kalista and picked Ezreal for yourself.

I was confident in playing against Kalista so we didn’t ban her. I had small mistakes, but it went well.

Ezreal isn’t that advantageous against Kalista. What were your thoughts?

I went ahead a bit in the laning, but Kalista did well coming back. Personally, it’s not that difficult for me playing against Kalista with Ezreal.

How was the Baron steal moment?

It was our mistake to leave the opponent to hit Baron for so long, but finally, we saw Peanut’s Baron steal.

As for Game 2, you picked Vayne. Now, people are starting to think Vayne when they hear Ruler. What was the plan?

I think I just picked a champion that I’m good at. (Laughs)

Fly hadn’t played LeBlanc much, but he picked it and did well. Did Fly appeal that he wanted to play her or was it the coaching staff’s decision?

I think it was both. Fly said that he was confident and our coaching staff did tell him to play her.

Vayne’s performance in the second Baron fight was outstanding. How was the situation?

Since we had Tahm Kench, I trusted him and tumbled forward. My teammates took good care of me. I thought that I won’t die no matter what when I went in.

Game 2 went for long. Did you think you can win?

It was a bit difficult because Ezreal pushed us back well, but after I bought Bloodthirst, I was sure that we won.

The remaining matches are important as well. How will you prepare?

We’ll be doing our best practicing. And we also need to reduce our mistakes. If we reduce our mistakes, we can win against the strong teams as well.

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