Griffin Chovy: "It was fortunate that we lost now because we were able to remind ourselves of what we were beginning to forget."

Griffin washed away all the fans’ concerns with a perfect victory.

On the 21st (KST), Griffin shut out Hanwha Life Esports and washed away all the concerns that arose from the two losses they had last week. The game was one-sided from beginning to the end. In the match, Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon delivered great performance on Lissandra and Ryze to contribute to the team’s victory. Adding another MVP title, he is now tied with Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu in the MVP leaderboard.

The following is our interview with Chovy.


You broke the losing streak and won today. How do you feel?

I’m satisfied with today’s game because we didn’t make any mistakes when we were favorable.

Many fans were shocked because Griffin lost both matches last week. How was the team atmosphere?

It wasn’t much different. We weren’t very depressed or anything. We did joke around saying: “We’re on a losing streak! How can you be lying around?!” (Laughs)

What do you think was lacking during the losing streak?

We analyzed the games we lost. There were issues where we had the initiative in the early game but weren’t able to take advantage of it. Besides that, our thoughts of the game were different from each other, and the team as a whole was just a bit shaky. We tried to fix those problems one by one and carry out the basic factors of the game more perfectly.

In a previous interview, you said that you wanted to win every match this year. Are there any regrets?

Since we lost because we were bad, I have nothing to say.

Head coach cvMax had said that there’s more to learn from losses. Do you think losing the two games were positive to the team?

I think it would be helpful for more improvement in the future as well. I thought it was fortunate that we lost now because we were able to remind ourselves of what we were beginning to forget.

What did you concentrate on the most while preparing for today’s match?

I concentrated on managing the lane the most. I focused on when to wait and when to push forward.

You haven’t played Ryze that much this season. What made you pick Ryze today?

Since Lissandra is a champion that’s convenient to take half and half, I had to play a champion that’s stronger when taking half and half, or a champion that can stop her from doing so. I thought that Ryze was a champion that has nothing to fear if I take half and half and scale well.

You’re tied at 1st place in MVP points. Now that you’re here, are you looking forward to getting the regular season MVP?

Honestly, I wish my other teammates can get more MVPs.

Who do you think deserves more MVPs?

I think Lehends isn’t getting enough as he deserves. But I think it would be fun if we can keep seeing him NOT getting any MVPs. He sometimes whines saying, “Why am I the only one not getting MVPs!” and that’s fun to watch. (Laughs)

The regular season is coming to an end. Which mid laner was the hardest to play against?

Up to now, Bdd was the hardest to play against. In the laning phase, Bdd always plays thinking he will win in lane and plays very aggressively. If he’s aggressive, I also have to be aggressive. In that situation, the balance could break when one person makes a small mistake, so I need to be really cautious.

Many fans should be relieved because of today’s perfect performance. Any last comments to the fans?

We had a clean win today. We’ll be delivering good performance in the remaining matches, thinking a lot about what we need to do to win so that we never lose again.



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