The Division 2 Endgame Guide: Best Ways to Raise Your Gear Score

Once you have reached level 30 and have finished the last main story mission (Capitol Building) in The Division 2, you will enter the endgame. At this point in time, your goal will shift from raising your character's level and progressing through the main storyline to raising your equipment's gear score and moving up the World Tiers.

In order to progress through the World Tiers, you will need to reach a required amount of gear score for each tier and complete a stronghold mission. However, the "invaded missions" that are provided to the agent upon entering end game isn't quite enough to get you to that required gear score to challenge those strongholds.

This guide will cover the different ways you can raise your gear score to efficiently reach the maximum World Tier.


▲ You can activate bounty missions at any safehouse.

To begin, bounties are short side missions that grant you rewards for taking out certain targets that the missions specify. Although bounty missions are limited in number and you need to "purchase" the missions with "Target Intel", they're one of the best ways to raise your gear score and set yourself up for World Tier 4. 

Unless you're tackling the missions at the highest difficulty, bounties are usually easy to complete, especially if you're joined by other agents. In addition, the bounty missions are short; making it one of the most efficient ways to gear up and gather experience for those proficiency caches. 

Bounties also give 3 specialization points per mission, making it the fastest method to complete your specialization tree. On top of that, certain bounty missions give specific weapon types as rewards - such as assault rifles. So if you ever find yourself stuck with two weapons that you don't like during your gear score grind, check the bounty board to see if your weapon of preference is available through a bounty.

 You can gather Target Intel through various open world activities such as attacking Control Points.

Control Points

▲ Control Points could be found all over D.C.

Control Points are zones or landmarks that are placed all across D.C. They're areas that are controlled by one of the many different factions that the game features. Defeating enemies that populate a control point will allow an agent to initiate a takeover. Once the agent successfully takes over a control point, he or she will be greeted with the point's supply room, which is essentially a small room filled with goodies. 

Each supply room has up to 3 chests that can give you high gear score loot. In addition to the equipment and weapons that you may find in there, supply rooms also reward you with 'Target Intel', which you can then use to activate and complete bounties.

Control Points are plentiful in number and the supply rooms that they contain give you a balanced amount of loot, experience, and target intel. Control Point missions are usually short and easy to complete, too! If you've run out of missions, and you need quick target intel, consider attacking a control point.


Each time you move up a World Tier, the equipment that you had brought from the previous tier immediately become inferior thanks to the new gear score cap. Once again, your goal is to increase your average gear score as fast as possible to enter the next World Tier. 

Whenever you enter a new World Tier, the first thing that you should do is visit each settlement, including the White House, and purchase from the vendors. 

▲ Vendors will sell equipment with high gear score

Purchasing and equipping items with the highest gear scores from the vendors will give a significant early boost to your average gear score. This will make sure that the next pieces of equipment that you run into during your missions come with a higher gear score, largely speeding up your race to the next World Tier. 

Getting Boosted, Fast but Boring

If you have a friend that is in a World Tier above yours, you can always invite him over to your game session and have him give you the loot that he picks up. As your friend would've most likely already capped out, he'll pick up equipment with the highest gear score available in your World Tier. This will certainly be the fastest way to reach World Tier 4, but it won't be the most fun.

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