Lucio full reworked talents and abilities

▲ Lucio is the newest hero to receive a reworked kit.


One of the grooviest heroes in the Nexus, Lucio, is the newest recipient of a rework in the latest Heroes of the Storm Public Test Realm update as the patch went live Monday morning.


Since he was introduced into the game in February of 2017, Lucio’s popularity --similar to his rhythmic jams-- have had its ups and downs. There was a time when he was arguably the strongest Support character and helped push the "Double Support" meta into existence. Then, once the development team knocked Support characters down a peg as a whole at the end of 2017, his relevancy disappeared along with it.


Times are changing, however. The development team ripped apart his outdated tools and reassembled it in a way that makes him more interactive to play with and against.


According to the team:


“Lúcio’s rework is unlocking some new ways to help your allies and further harass your enemies! His old Trait, Wall Ride, is still completely functional but has been moved to his Mount (Z). The replacement Trait, Push Off, is a new utility Ability that gives Lúcio more mobility with a built-in way to peel enemies for his allies.

That is just the beginning, though, as Lúcio has also gained a new Heroic Ability—High Five. This Ability allows him a small bit of burst healing to help compete with Sound Barrier while also granting an on-demand Unstoppable buff to allies that may have bitten off more than they can chew. If you were a big fan of Reverse Amp, no need to worry, it stays on his kit in the form of a talent and has similar functionality! In response to the added power, we are slowing him down a little so he is not quite as frustrating to lock down”


His freshly reworked kit can be found below.



Ability Changes


Crossfade (W): Healing decreased from 16 to 15 per second. Movement Speed aura reduced from 20% to 10%


Amp It Up (E): Healing Boost heal reduced from 114 to 112 per second. Speed Boost Movement Speed reduced from 45% to 30%


Wall Ride (Z): Moved from (Trait) to (Z)


Skate Mode (Z): Removed


Push Off (New Trait)While Wall Ride is active, you can jump off the wall, dealing 100 damage and slowing all enemies hit by 75% for 1 second




Level 1


Maximum Tempo (E): Removed

Party Mix (E): Moved from Level 7


New Talent – Smooth Moves (Z): Increase Wall Ride duration by 1 second; while Wall Ride is active, your Basic Attacks heal Lúcio for 30% of their damage and restore 0.5 Mana




Level 4


Chase the Base (Q): Removed


Subwoofer (Q): Additional functionality:
-Close enemies are knocked back 75% further
-Quest: Hit 3 enemy Heroes with the same Soundwave
-Reward: Increase Soundwave arc by 50% and range by 20%


New Talent – Supersonic (Trait): Push Off recharges 100% faster while you have the Wall Ride buff




Level 7


Sonic Amplifier (W): Removed


Reverse Amp (W): Moved from Level 10 with New functionality:
-While Amp It Up is active, Healing Boost deals 50 damage a second and Speed Boost slows by 20% to enemies in the aura


New Talent – Good Vibrations (Q):

-Every enemy hit with Soundwave grants Lúcio a 35-point Shield for 7 seconds; this value is tripled for enemy Heroes hit




Level 10


New Heroic – High Five (R): Activate: Quickly skate towards target allied Hero, healing them for 250 and granting Unstoppable for 1 second (15 second cooldown per allied Hero)




Level 13


Beat Mixing (W): Removed


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Trait): Removed


Back in the Mix (Trait): Removed


Hard Style (Trait): Removed


Slip (Z): Moved from Level 1 with New functionality:

While Wall Ride is active you gain 20 Armor and if you pass through an enemy Hero, you gain 40% Movement Speed for 1 second


New Talent – All Together (W):

-Each allied Hero in your Crossfade aura grants 5% base Movement Speed (this bonus stacks with other Movement Speed buffs)


New Talent – Heavy Casters (Trait):

-Push Off no longer Slows but instead Stuns enemies for 0.5 seconds




Level 16


Bring It Together (E): Removed


Up the Frequency (E): No longer reduces Mana Cost. Additional functionality:

-While Wall-Riding, increase your Basic Attack range by 40%; Basic Attacks lower the cooldown of Amp It Up by .45 seconds


New Talent – Up to Eleven (E):

-Activate: Increase the duration of your active Amp It Up by 2 seconds (60 second cooldown)




Level 20


Synaesthesia Auditiva (E): Removed


Bonus Track (E): Removed


Nonstop Remix (R): Removed


New Heroic Mastery – Mixing Fire (R):

-You can now High Five enemy Heroes, damaging them for 225 and reducing all healing done to them by 50% for 3 seconds.

-Passive: Increase the duration of Amp It Up by 1 second


New Talent – House Party (W):

-All of your healing is increased by 10% for each allied Hero in your aura


New Talent – Summer Anthem (W):

-Activate: Other allies in your Crossfade aura cannot be reduced below 1 Health for 1.5 seconds (75 second cooldown)


▲ Will Lucio regain his groove with the changes to his kit?

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  • 0

    level 1 Guardias


    When did flat out nerfs across the board start being called a rework?

    • -1

      level 1 paolovee


      More like a re-nerf.

    • 0

      level 1 Adam_Dobry


      Because increasing damage, giving a cleanse and speedboost without speedbost is a ber. Its because of suckers like the game sucks. And because activison.

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