SKT Faker: "If I play a champion that Clid dislikes, he tends to speak less than he usually does."

On the 17th of March (KST), in the first match of 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 37, Hanwha Life Esports took on SK Telecom T1. After losing Game 1, SKT came back and won 2-1. In the match, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok delivered good performances and were voted as MVPs.

The following is an interview with Khan and Faker.

▲ Image Source: LCK Korea Twitch Channel

You’ve returned to 2nd place after today’s match. How did you prepare?

: We didn’t think particularly important about today’s match. We think all matches are equally important, so we just focused on reducing our mistakes. We tried to minimize our weaknesses and magnify our strengths.

Game 1 didn’t go that well, but are you satisfied with your performances in games 2 and 3?

Khan: Um…. Yeah… (Laughs)

(To Faker) How was the feedback after Game 1?

: In Game 1, we didn’t have the initiative, so the bot lane struggled a lot. We had feedback on that and changed it in the following games.

You picked Ryze as the first pick in the second game. Did you think it’s time for top lane to carry?

Khan: The pick had a bit of that sense, and I thought since the team gave me such pick with trust, I need to do well. As a result, it all went well.

Do you usually practice Ryze a lot?

Khan: Ryze can go to both top and mid lanes without much trouble. Since he’s a pick that appears a lot, I practice him often [in scrims].

Your teamwork with Lee Sin in the top gank was good. Can you explain a bit about that situation?

: Actually, I didn’t know Rek’Sai didn’t have Flash, so I was afraid and used my own Flash. After that, my teammates asked me why I used Flash when Rek’Sai didn’t have one. I apologized and told them I’ll be listening more carefully. (Laughs) Since I traded well before that and Lee Sin with Ryze is a better 2v2 against them we did well. My teammates also said that Rek’Sai was coming up so it went well.

How about the fountain dive with Ryze’s ult? Was it a winning ceremony?

: Not actually a winning ceremony; since it was definite we will be destroying their Nexus, we went in order to raise our KDA a bit more. (Laughs) I use it often when I want to raise my KDA.

Faker’s LeBlanc appeared again. Your record is very impressive. Is she a champion you like more than others?

: It’s a pick that Clid likes a lot. (So the pick was for Clid?) Well, not really. (Laughs) If I play a champion that Clid dislikes, he tends to speak less than he usually does. (Laughs)

Some fans say that SKT’s picks and bans improved and became more systematic.

Faker: The players appeal a bit about which champions to pick, but our coaching staff does a lot of research without sleeping. I think that’s the reason it seems to have improved.

The opponent picked the Yasuo-Gragas pick. Did you feel any pressure in mid lane?

Faker: It’s a pick that’s easy to gain the initiative in mid lane, but since I know well about how to play against them, it wasn’t that much of a threat. (Could you share a tip on facing them?) Yes, don’t die.

There was a moment that you dodged Gragas’ skills so effortlessly. Were you confident that you would be able to dodge his skills?

Faker: I trusted my reflexes and it went well. I just needed to watch when Gragas uses his body slam. The distance itself was rather easy for me to dodge the skills.

When the team was pushing mid, Faker had a moment that was a 1v3 situation. Did Khan trust Faker at that moment?

: It’s paper-thin between super plays and trolls. Since Faker has been a player that drew good results in those situations countless times, the teammates all trusted him.

The next game is against SANDBOX. How will you be preparing?

Faker: We lost to them in Round 1. I’m thinking we would need to beat them in Round 2. Furthermore, the matchup is really important since we can confirm 2nd place in that match. I’ll be doing my best.

: I’ll deliver good performance by being calm and patient.

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