SB Ghost: "Due to the patch, support champions who work well with ranged carries became a lot stronger."

On the 16th, at the LoL Park, the 36th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. On the second series of the day, SANDBOX Gaming defeated kt Rolster with a score of 2-1. Throughout the series, against Gango's Draven, Ghost played Lucian, Ashe, and Ezreal. 

The following is an interview with SB Ghost.

How do you feel about your victory today?

Each and every match is important. Although it's a bit regretful that we couldn't take a clean 2-0 victory, I'm still happy with the results.

KT Gango played Draven three games in a row. Were you expecting that to happen?

I expected Gango to play Draven. However, it felt like KT picked Draven even when the situation didn't call for him. I didn't expect them to make such an offensive choice during picks & bans. 

You are also known to play a lot of Draven. Have you thought of taking Draven for yourself during the series?

I did. However, Draven's weakness is in his survivability. Our team decided that it'd be a lot better for us to just give KT the Draven and take advantage of the champion's weakness. 

You guys lost game 2. Why?

In games 1 and 3, we had built a team fighting composition, and our team was able to make good use of it. In game 2, however, we picked champions that revolve around split pushing. We didn't play to our composition and looked for team fights instead. I think that's why we lost.

Your team could hold 2nd place if Hanwha Life Esports take down SK Telecom T1 in their next match. Do you have anything you want to say to the members of HLE?

Tempt, Key, and bonO... I'm cheering for you! Please win and produce good results!

Many are expecting the meta to revolve around the top lane. As a bot laner, what do you think?

Since there aren't actual tanks during team fights, I need to position myself very well. And with the most recent patch, almost every bot lane picks are ADC champions. I guess you could say that support champions who work well with ranged carries became a lot stronger. 

Any last words for the fans?

Our next match is against SKT T1. I guess you could say that it'll be a battle for 2nd place. I'll practice hard and do well to take the win. 

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