SKT Khan: "I hated seeing Tarzan so boastful when he got MVP... Now I look at his picture whenever I need motivation."

The ‘Telecom Derby’ is always an interesting game for LCK fans. In this Telecom Derby, SK Telecom T1 defeated kt Rolster 2-1 and rose to 2nd place in the standings. After the match, we were able to talk to Khan and listen to a few stories he had to share.

The following is our interview with Khan.


You defeated KT 2-1. How do you feel?

It was a close game so I’m a bit tired. Since there were several mistakes, I don’t think the game was completely satisfying. I’ll do my best to come back with better performance in the next match.

You carried games 2 and 3 and got the MVPs for both games. Do you think you deserved it?

As for Game 2, Clid was pretty good and in Game 3, Teddy and Mata could have gotten it as well. But I guess since I was the brightest shining star, I got it. If they give me MVP, I wouldn’t refuse. Thank you.

Was the direction of SKT’s picks and bans changed because of Gango’s Draven?

Since Gango is renown for his proficiency on Draven, we thought ‘would he play him?’ and he actually did. After the first game, since he did well, we changed our minds and banned Draven.

You let the Yasuo-Gragas comp through in Game 2. Was that intended as well?

Originally, we banned Gragas to prevent them from using that comp, but we agreed to let Gragas through and ban Draven in Game 2.

In Game 3, you picked Vladimir first but sent him to bot lane. What was the reason you changed your plans?

As for Game 1, the comp was difficult for us to use Vladimir in bot lane. In Game 3, we thought Vladimir was good in both top and bot so we decided to use him according to the opponent’s composition.

We heard that you’ve been looking at Tarzan’s picture while thinking of revenge after your loss against Griffin.

I’m quite close to Tarzan; in that match, he became the MVP. I hated seeing him so boastful when he got that. (Laughs) I was really gnashing my teeth after that. So now I look at his picture whenever I need motivation when I feel less enthusiastic.

We also heard that you said why are there only Tarzan’s pictures coming up on Inven. It seems that a lot of your pictures will be uploaded today.

Well, I don’t really want to see my face. I just wanted to stop seeing that guy. So hateful. (Laughs) Don’t get me wrong, it’s because his Evelynn and Elise was too good. (Laughs)

It was hotfixed, but you practiced Neeko often. In the previous match between Gen.G Esports and Griffin, Neeko appeared and did well. What do you think about Neeko?

Neeko is quite good in 1v1s but she doesn’t seem that strong in teamfights. There should be more research, but I don’t think we’ll list her as a top priority. We did practice her a lot; depending on the situation, we might be playing her.


▲ Teddy and Faker's Hairstyles (Source: T1 Broadcast)

The ‘hot’ hairstyle of Faker and Teddy is a big topic among the fans. Which of the two beauty salons that those players went to do you NOT want to go to?

I want to go to neither of them. They say their hairstyles are ‘hot’. I wanted to light a fire on their heads. (Laughs)

Okaaay… The 15th is Teddy’s birthday. Would you like to say a word to him?

We happened to play together this year. I hope we can deliver good performance together. Happy birthday. For your birthday present, I want to buy you a wig. Thank you for always being so good. Stay healthy!

The next match is against Hanwha Life Esports. Can we look forward to a performance like today?

Actually, I don’t want to show games like today. I’ll do my best so that we can have a more perfect win next time. Thank you.

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