This anime style opening for Apex Legends is something we didn't know we needed.

A For Fun Edit

Today, Twitter user and video editor @Aidensphan gave the Apex Legends community something it didn't know it wanted until first witnessing it in all of it's anime aesthetic glory.

Using clips from various Apex Legends cinematics and teasers, a high energy "anime intro" was created as if Apex Legends was really an episodic journey into the beautiful, stylized world of Titanfall characters fighting against the forces of evil using the power of determination and friendship.





The track Aidensphan used is a song called Shin Sekai performed by the Japanese alternative rock band, Hello Sleepwalkers. If you are wondering why their sound is so decidedly anime, consider their most popular track, Goya wa Machiawase, is indeed used as an intro theme for the anime "Noragami"


▲Anime character, or Apex Legend?

In hindsight, most Apex Legends is ripe for anime parody:

- Wraith is your typical broody protagonist that already runs like Naruto
Caustic speaks thinks and looks like an anime villain
Gibraltar is the friendly supporting character to keep this positive.
Mirage mirrors Vash the Stampede-esque bravado and comedic timing.
Pathfinder covers the mandatory non-human character and gets bonus points for being a robot.

Chalk it up to compelling character design, but the anime fan edit just works. Let us know in the comments if you'd watch an Apex Legends anime if it existed. Personally, I'd at least watch until the first filler episodes start. You know, the ones about the buddy-cop duo of Bloodhound and Bangalore tracking down a mystical artifact for... reasons.

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