The most violent team wipe in recent memory broken down

▲ Thomas "Mene" Cailleux can be heard yelling "NANO" as he blows up the enemy team.


If you blinked, you missed it. In a six-second span, an elite display of professional game knowledge, team coordination and mechanical skill was put on display during the Heroes Lounge Nut Cup over the weekend that left Twitch chat, Reddit and the Heroes of the Storm community with their jaws on the floor.


In Game Two of their series, team “Washed Up” consisting of former professional players Thomas “Ménè” Cailleux, Dennis “HasuObs” Schneider, Filip “SmX” Liljeström, Aleksandar "ethernal" Milanov  and Ivan "SportBilly" Koturić pulled off a team wipe of “Coming Through”’s roster that all but sealed the match and series.


Before the clip is broken down and appreciated further, here is the original clip from the broadcast being commentated by Thomas “Khaldor” Kilian:



The long-time Heroes’ caster is left laughing and lets out a “Holy s***” once the chain of events unfolds as, even he, gets caught up in the flurry of damage.


If you enjoyed Khaldor’s reaction, check out the team’s comms as the fight approaches and when the action unfolds.





The breakdown


When the fight is re-watched at a much slower pace, a different story is told and the lightning-fast reflexes of not only Washed Up but Coming Through’s roster can be appreciated.


▲ With only three players showing, Coming Through felt comfortable engaging on Diablo.


The skirmish begins when Coming Through wants to invade Washed Up’s Bruiser Camp. Before the action begins, they only see (at max) three members of Washed Up’s team, so they decided to capitalize on the numbers advantage.


When they engage on Diablo, played by long-time Team Liquid tank, Sportbilly, they fully commit to blowing him up quickly. Rexxar and Hanzo use their Heroic abilities while Imperius and Tyrande follow up with their Stuns. Not so fast.


HasuObs immediately uses Mighty Gust to disengage the opposition and Diablo and Jaina chain their Heroic abilities to create a mighty Stun/Root/Slow combination that leaves all five players stuck in a choke point.


Right as the Gust takes place, Ana throws her Biotic Grenade, neutralizing thousands of points of healing that Tyrande attempts to put out. Immediately after, she Nano Boosts Mene giving him 30% increased Spell Power for the duration of the fight and a cooldown reduction on his abilities.


▲ Ana's Biotic Grenade soaks up Tyrande's Shadowstalk and healing attempts.


After casting his Ring of Frost Heroic, Mene immediately casts Blizzard followed by his Cone of Cold which, boosted by Northern Exposure at level 16, causes the opponent’s armor to be reduced by 20%, making the blow up that much quicker. How much quicker? Well, prior to the fight taking place, Mene had dealt 19,539 damage to heroes and after those six seconds, the number sky-rocketed to 30,171. Not to be completed out-shined, Falstad, Diablo and Yrel all pumped out about 2,000-plus damage each during the skirmish.


An attempted escape


While it’s easy to get lost watching team Coming Through getting erased from the game in a matter of moments, they actually do a very good job trying to disengage once they are Gusted.


All within a matter of milliseconds from the time they are hit with the first Heroic, Tyrande pops her Shadowstalk, Hanzo immediately gets out with his Trait (but is still Rooted due to how Ring of Frost is coded) and Junkrat uses his Rip Tire Heroic to create space for his team to wiggle out of the choke. Unfortunately, his small health pool goes to zero before it can fully be cast.


Team Washed Up would go on to win the Nut Cup and in addition to the prize for first place, they reminded the community what coordinated play at the high-level can look like when broken down in slow motion. We also got a couple of meme-worthy quotes from Mene too.

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