[Cartoon] It is not gambling but strategy! Backdoors in the LCK and LCS


Today’s comic is about the ‘backdoor’ strategy that has been attempted several times in the LCK and LCS over the past week.

Last week in the LCK, two teams had a clash that would be remembered for a long time. It was a match between the undefeated Griffin and the ‘dream team’ SK Telecom T1. The matchup itself sold out the tickets and probably no one expected the game to end that way.

‘Backdoor’. In League of Legends, the process doesn’t matter; you have to destroy the opponent’s Nexus to win. Backdoor is a strategy that can turn around an unfavorable situation to a win. Since it has a big risk, there haven’t been many backdoor attempts in the pro scene. Sometimes, it was despised because it was thought of as a cheesy ending.

However, the Griffin vs SKT match was extremely exciting thoroughly from the laning phase to aggressive teamfights. Even with the backdoor ending, it was an interesting twist to the game that would be remembered for years.

Not only the backdoor in LCK, it feels like there have been more backdoor attempts in the LCS as well. Golden Guardians stopped Counter Logic Gaming’s backdoor and countered them with their own (although they did win the fight and they stopped Ryze’s TP), 100 Thieves failed their backdoor against TSM and threw away their lead. All these situations made the fans roar.

Backdoor is a strategy that strictly follows the nature of League of Legends and is very addictive. Depending on who uses it, it can cross the line between smart strategy and simply a troll. Most regions are now nearly halfway through Round 2 of the spring split. Fans await for what other pleasure they might find through the remaining journey.

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