GRF Chovy: "We picked Galio first so that we can benefit from the picks and bans."

On the 10th of March (KST), in the second match of the 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 33, Griffin played against SANDBOX Gaming. The game ended in Griffin’s favor with a set score of 2-0. In the match, Chovy and Sword played well on Galio and Urgot and were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.

The following is an interview with Chovy and Sword.


This time, you only had a one-day break after the tough win against SKT. Weren’t you tired?

Chovy: Not really. I think we just did what we always did.

Sword: There was no pressure about the opponent. We just thought let’s do what we need to do.

Chovy is now tied at 1st place in MVP points. You took Galio for first. What was the reason?

Chovy: Although Galio was nerfed to play in mid lane, I was confident that I wouldn’t lose the initiative in mid lane. We picked him first so that we can benefit from the picks and bans.

Do you remember when you ganked top lane pretending to get blue to avoid the enemy ward?

: I don’t remember. (Laughs) I think it was just instinct.

You lost the mid turret first. How did you think to continue?

Chovy: I still did quite well in lane. Since they let free Shelly in mid lane, we just decided to let them take it first.

Before the Baron steal in Game 1, you were bothering Jayce in bot lane. What were the calls?

Chovy: Since I wasn’t able to stop the opponent from advancing at top, I said that I’ll try to kill Jayce at bot and that if the opponent tries Baron, I’ll join by TP.

At that moment, there was a blast cone and Tarzan had ult. Why did he attempt the steal with Flash?

: I never imagined he would succeed in stealing that Baron. I’m just admiring him of his amazing prowess.

Sword is still playing Urgot.

Sword: Urgot is good, but because he was nerfed, it’s really hard getting through the early game. Still, I thought if I can do alright in the early game, there would be more we can do in the late game using our comp synergy.

Although Urgot would be a good pick in the late game, it wouldn’t have been easy to scale. How did you think you’ll play?

Sword: I wanted to put more pressure in the laning phase, but it didn’t go as planned. If it went as planned, we would have had a more advantageous situation.

You were hitting Baron, but when SANDBOX came, you just let go of Baron and turned to the opponent even if Baron only had around 3,000 HP left.

Sword: We all agreed that we would kill the opponent first if they come since if we win the fight, Baron is ours.

When you were ending the game, how were the decisions made? Not many people thought that you would try to end.

Sword: Actually, we all probably thought that we could end after that fight. If we fight well, we would have got many benefits.

Chovy: My teammates said that they can stop the opponent from recalling so we went in and ended.

You showed some joy more than other wins today as well. What did head coach cvMax say?

: I actually didn’t think I did that well today, but he praised me that my condition is at the best form so I got confidence from him. I’m thankful for that.

How was it for you, Chovy?

Chovy: It just went well. I think I did what I needed to do in necessary situations.

Your next match is against Gen.G. Will you be preparing anything in particular?

Chovy: Not really. I think we should do just as we did up to now.

Sword: I think the same since we all think the same.

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