AF SSUN: "I took Unsealed Spellbook since the players that play Zoe in Challengers Korea often use it."

In the 2019 LCK Spring Split match between Afreeca Freecs and kt Rolster on the 10th (KST), Afreeca Freecs defeated kt Rolster 2-0. While the fight is fierce to avoid the relegation match, Afreeca took a step ahead.

The following is an interview with Afreeca mid laner Kim “SSUN” Tae-yang.

It was the first win of your career in the LCK. How do you feel?

The team atmosphere was really bad after our loss against Jin Air. I feel good because we lowered the possibility of going to the relegation match since we beat KT today.

You recorded a pentakill in Game 2.

The pentakill wasn’t because I was good; my team made the proper situation so I was able to pick the kills up. I’m thankful to my teammates.

In Game 2, you selected Unsealed Spellbook. What was the reason?

I often watch Challengers Korea matches. I took Unsealed Spellbook since the players that play Zoe there often use it. Especially, since the opponents’ jungle was Elise, I thought it would be good to help out other lanes with TP, Exhaust, Ignite etc. It was a choice I made so that I can help out more in skirmishes and objective fights.

You lost your debut match against Hanwha Life Esports. What do you think the biggest difference was between that match and today’s match?

Since that was my debut match, I think I was too nervous. The opponent was Tempt who is really good, so the nervousness was worse. After I lost in that match, I received some feedback about being nervous. Although today’s matchup was against Bdd, it was my second match, and with the feedback, I played more confidently.

You’re competing with Ucal and Brook for the starting spot. What do you think your strength over them was that made you the starter?

I think I was more stable than the other two players. The scrim results were positive and I also appealed that I was confident.

It’s already in the middle of Round 2, but it seems that Afreeca hasn’t found the best roster within the team yet.

We don’t have a final ‘best’ roster yet and we’re still attempting with several different starting rosters. I think the changes will continue except for top and jungle. As for us players, we’re just following with trust where the coaching staff guides us.

The fight to get out of the relegation match between Afreeca, KT, and Gen.G is fierce. Who do you think will go?

It won’t be us. After watching their match against KT, it seems that Gen.G has the highest possibility of going to the relegation match.

Any last comments?

We’ll be back in our next match against Griffin in a good form. I’ll do my best to win. Many fans are quite worried about our mid lane situation; we’ll make sure we win more in the future.

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