SB Ghost: "Let's praise the winning team instead of criticizing the losing team"

On the 7th of March, at the Seoul LoL Park, the 30th day of the 2019 LCK Spring Split took place. On the first series of the day, SANDBOX Gaming defeated DAMWON Gaming with a score of 2-1. SANDBOX had put an end to DAMWON Gaming's winning streak.


The following is an interview with SB Ghost.



You put an end to DAMWON's winning streak.


Today's match was very important. I really wanted to win today, so I'm very happy with the results. The bottom teams have been playing a lot better recently, so I was worried.



When you were tied 1-1, what kind of feedback did you receive from your teammates?


In game 2, we played a defensive team composition to counter theirs. In game 3, we decided that we are better off playing a more aggressive team comp.



You guys were in the lead in game 3. However, DAMWON Gaming almost made a comeback. 


We were at a big advantage, and it seemed very unlikely that the enemy team could make a comeback... I was very scared at that moment. I'm glad that we were able to win the teamfight in mid lane after the enemy took Baron. 



With today's series, you've now secured your tenth victory of the split. Your next match is now against Griffin. How do you predict that match?


They're a very powerful team, so honestly speaking, it's a bit scary thinking about playing against them. But we're still the 2nd placed team here in the LCK. I don't want to lose one-sided.



Isn't it a bit unfortunate that you didn't get the MVP title today?


Although I think I did everything that I could have possibly done, I am contempt with the fact that my team won (Laughs).



Do anyone in your previous team, bbq Olivers send you support?


 BonO and Tempt once said, “I envy you. I'd like to go to the playoffs with you.” (Laughs)



Any last words?


I think people tend to flame the losing team than to congratulate the winning team. Although I’m good with criticism, it sometimes crosses the line. I hope anyone who reads this interview can change into a more positive minded fan. Thank you!

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