SKT Teddy: "If we give Khan a strong pick, we start the game thinking we’ve won in top lane already."

On March 3rd (KST), in the second match of 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 29, SK Telecom T1 swept Kingzone DragonX. In the match, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong delivered excellent performance with Sivir in both games and led the team to victory.

The following is our interview with Teddy.


Congratulations on today’s win. It was an important match. How do you feel?

It was a bit scary because Kingzone’s recent performance was really good. I’m very satisfied because we had a clean 2-0 win.

If you lost 0-2 today, SKT would have fallen to 5th place. Was there pressure regarding that?

There was some pressure but not as much to affect my performance.

SKT slaughtered Kingzone in Game 2. What led to such a big win?

We had a late-game comp so we thought we should play slow, but we were able to pick up many kills in the early game. I think that’s why the rest of the game went easy.

Faker is always so good, but he isn’t getting that many MVP titles. Doesn’t he complain?

Yes, he sometimes says, “Why are you stealing my MVP?” (Laughs) He said that today as well. Obviously, he's joking. I don't think he's that greedy for getting MVPs.

In the earlier match today, Lucian was finally not picked nor banned. Is Lucian not strong enough in 9.4?

No, he’s still really strong. In the recent meta, if the teams start picks & bans by banning Lucian and Ezreal, the draft itself gets difficult. It seems that other teams are practicing without banning those two. I think Lucian is still a very strong pick.

On the other hand, some picks that really don’t appear like Miss Fortune or Kog’Maw. What’s the reason?

The biggest reason is that they don’t have escape skills. Also, their laning isn’t as strong, since they don’t have escape skills, teamfights are difficult, and they can’t carry that well as the other champions in the late game.

Are there any champions that you think you would never lose if you play them?

Lucian, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, and Kalista. I feel like that in most of the champions I’ve recently played. (How about non-marksmen?) I do play non-marksmen champions, but I’m not as confident since I’m not as good at them compared to marksmen.

Khan’s performance on Jayce was amazing. Does his playing Jayce make the team more confident in winning?

If we give Khan a strong pick, we start the game thinking we’ve won in top lane already. He’s a trustworthy player. He’s good at tanks as well, but if he plays an aggressive champion, his strengths are emphasized more.

When you were in Jin Air, the team relied a lot on you. As for SKT, all the players are carry-machines. You’ve been playing with them for a whole round now. How does that feel?

There weren’t any players that carry the role of playmaking, so I did that, but since there are several players that do that role, I took a step back. If there are too many players that try to make plays and carry, games get complicated because there are too many calls. Now that I don’t have to worry about playmaking, I can play more safely.

How much is the team synergy is built up?

I think the team synergy is pretty good now. We have to maintain what we have; I still think we can get even better.

Which player is the most different from what you thought they would be like?

Mata is the most different. I always thought he would be a scary guy, but I was surprised because he was so kind and thoughtful. He jokes around a lot as well. (Laughs)

You’ve played against all the teams now. Which bot duo was the most difficult to play against?

It was a bit uncomfortable playing against Griffin because they like to play non-marksmen champions as well. Other teams play non-marksmen too, but they usually don’t prefer them over marksmen champions. Since Griffin likes non-marksmen as well, it was a bit difficult in the pick & bans.

Deft’s confidence in laning is very high. How about you?

If I’m determined to push hard during the laning phase, I’m extremely confident. I’m not worried about how good the opponent is; if I need to, I’m sure I won’t lose [in laning].

How satisfied are you with the current results for the team?

Considering it hasn’t been that long since we've started playing together, it’s not that bad up to now. Still, I want to do better and get better results.

Lastly, a word to your teammates and the fans?

I want to thank all my teammates for doing so well and being so trustworthy. Let’s keep up the good work and do better. I’ll try my best as well. And thank you to all the fans who always cheer for us. I’ll be putting in more effort to improve even more.



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