HLE bonO: "We still have a shot at playoffs. We’ll make sure that we win all remaining matches to get there."

On March 3rd (KST), Gen.G Esports faced Hanwha Life Esports in the first match of 2019 LCK Spring Split Day 29. Hanwha Life was able to add another win to their record. After the match, Kim “bonO” Gi-beom and Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.

The following is an interview with bonO and Lava.


Congratulations on today’s win. How do you feel?

: Today’s match was very important regarding our chances for the playoffs. Fortunately, we won today and we still have a chance.

(To Lava) It’s been long since you’ve played on stage. How have you been?

: I was practicing hard while watching Tempt do so well. It’s a relief that we won today; it would have been really hard to get to the playoffs if we lost.

How was the feedback after Game 1?

bonO: Our head coach said that if we lose today, it would be nearly impossible to get to the playoffs. So he told us to play like it’s the last match and do our best. We really did our best.

(To Lava) Your performance in Game 1 was shaky. Did the coaching staff want to take you out?

Lava: They let me choose. Since I wanted to do better and it was my chance, I said that I can do it.

(To bonO) In Game 2, Zac was the last pick. Was it a team pick or did you appeal that you wanted to play Zac?

: There were several champions left, but I thought I could do well with Zac. We thought of Zac and Jarvan IV, but Zac seemed better so I chose him.

The bot gank was really good. How was the situation?

bonO: At first, I was just going to check if there was a ward there, but since there wasn’t, I thought it was a chance for a good gank. After I jumped in, my intention was to just burn their Flashes, but things went well.

Lava’s performance in Game 3 was really impressive. Were you satisfied with your performance?

Lava: My performance in Game 3 was satisfactory but Games 1 and 2 weren’t good.

You two had good synergy today. Are you to close?

: (Laughs) Yes we are. We’re close.

: Well, we’re close but I think we can get closer. (Laughs)

Would you like to thank the coaching staff for having trust in you?

: Thank you to the coaching staff for trusting me and letting me play even after the bad performance in Game 1. I’ll do better in the future.

And a word to the fans?

: I was really nervous today because it has been long since I played on stage. I’ll do my best and show me playing more often.

Any last comments regarding the remaining games?

: We still have a shot at playoffs. We’ll make sure that we win all remaining matches to get there.

: We won’t be careless and we will prepare well to win all the matches.


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