Four months later, first Korean HotS tournament since BlizzCon announced

▲ If you thought you would never see some of the best Korean Heroes of the Storm players compete again...they're back.


Ever since Blizzard stated they would no longer support a competitive Heroes of the Storm professional circuit, numerous crowd-funded tournaments have been popping up within North America and Europe. Now, Korea is getting involved in the action.


On Thursday, long-time Korean commentator Daniel “Gclef” Na shared on the Heroes of the Storm subReddit that a tournament featuring former pros was in the works. Today, specifics have been revealed.


The event titled, “Heroes of the Storm League: REVIVAL” will begin on March 14, featuring a $6,000 prize pool and includes eight teams made up of some of the most well-known and accomplished players to ever play the game.


▲ Two groups of four teams will fight it out until only one remain.


According to Gclef, eight captains were selected to represent eight different teams. This morning, each of the captains filled out their rosters from a pool of participants in a draft format.


The selected captains are names that longtime fans of the competitive scene should know quite well. Jae Won “Rich” Lee, Won Ho “KyoCha” Jeong and Dae Hyung “HongCono” Lee are just a few of them.

▲ The results of the official roster draft.


Although this is the first trial run for a smaller tournament circuit within Korean, if it fairs well, fans can expect to see more in the future.


This is an important league that may determine its existence and continuity which is the reason why we are only focusing on Korean side of the broadcast for now. Sadly, there will be no official broadcast in other languages, yet, but as long as there is demand, I will push for what can be done,” said Gclef within his announcement post.


The event will be cast by popular Korean personality Park Sang Hyun with Jungmin 'KING' Shin, Woo Seo 'Uther' Jung and Glef doing the commentating.

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